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Posted on Sunday February 15, 2015 at 11:12pm in ,

Whew, another long time no speak! I have a lot of big news, I guess it’s been piling up and I haven’t really thought to write about it. I should start making Sunday evenings a regular time to catch up on the week and write stuff down. Anyway, the biggest of news is that I went and made some permanent life decisions on Friday the 13th and got my first tattoo!

But we’ll get to that in a bit. Hah, I’m such a tease. Let’s start from my last post about my Texaversary party and work our way up.

JT bought a giant spoon:

Friday The 13thTrue happiness

We mostly use it to take shots out of at the office bar.

Friday The 13thSpoon shots

I celebrated my one year at rewardStyle!

Friday The 13thOne year at rS! From left to right: Forrest, Tim, Sara, yours truly. Pretty sure this is Sara’s photo and caption haha.

Then, the first of the big news. I broke up with Jenny. I know I’ve had nothing but good things to say about her on the blog, but something happened over the holidays while I was in Wisconsin that broke the trust we had in our relationship completely. We tried to make it work for a bit, but ultimately I decided she was a person that was best to not have in my life. I think this is a positive change that opens me up to many more options. She moved out a couple of weeks ago.

Friday The 13thMoving out. So many things.

Most of the stuff in the apartment was hers, so I have a lot more room now.

I started my career as a fashion model.

Friday The 13thFashionista Drew at your service

I got a big bonus at work, went on a small shopping spree and bought some new shoes. I got some new Nike running shoes and some black on black Tom Paseos. I’m starting to think I have too many shoes. I have two running shoes, one dress shoe, one flip flop, and three casuals. That’s seven pairs. I think I’m probably good on shoes for a while now.

Friday The 13thNew Nikes. Gonna run super fast. It’s like walking on clouds.

I started dating and seeing some new people. It’s been really fun meeting all kinds of people Dallas has to offer. I went with Ashley to my first Mavericks game.

Friday The 13thGo Mavs

But the Mavericks broke my heart from the first game I saw them play. We lost! It was kind of a sad game because we were always behind the LA Clippers by about 6-10 points consistently. We pulled ahead in the second half for a few minutes, but then sunk back down. In the last quarter we were down quite a bit and it was becoming pretty obvious they weren’t going to win my first game. We stayed until the bitter end and then went out and drank until we forgot the defeat. It would have been cool to see a win, but it was fun just to go to a game.

Here’s more big news!

My friend Nick is a realtor and he helped me find the perfect new apartment for when my lease is up next month. He showed me several places, but I fell in love with Echo Dallas. I signed my lease and now it’s official! I’ll be moving from Bella Casita, my first home in Texas, to Echo on March 28th! The excitement is real. Major thanks to Nick for helping me find my perfect home. It was nice to have more time to think on the options this time around. Before I only had about three days to pick a place and ended all the way up in Las Colinas. Starting in March I’ll be right in the center of everything.

Now, here’s the part you came to read about. My tattoo! I had been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time, and I had a few of them planned out. I was talking to Nick and Bizzy about this one night and Bizzy said that I should set a date to get one. If I don’t set a date, It’ll never actually happen. I agreed that was probably true, so I opened up my calendar and picked a Saturday a couple of weekends away. It was Valentine’s Day, perfect! Nick and Bizzy said they would go with me and get one, too!

I was thinking about it a few days later though and realized that if Saturday was the 14th then that meant that it was Friday the 13th the day before that. I thought it would be perfect if my first tattoo was a Deep Ellum Friday the 13th tattoo. The Friday the 13th tattoo tradition was started by Oliver Peck at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas and is now mimicked all across the US. I changed my mind about a Valentine’s Day tattoo and decided I’d rather have a piece of Dallas and US tattoo history on me.

There are a lot of options you can choose from, and you have to pick one from the board. You can see the options here. I already knew I wanted it to be on my left arm but was deciding between the lightning bolts, the Mayan, and the Egyptian. I decided to go with the lightning bolts that spell out the number 13.

We had to register on Thursday at Anvil Pub. We went and I asked Bizzy and Nick what they were gonna get but they said they hadn’t even looked at the chart yet. Haha. They both already have a lot of tattoos so I guess they hadn’t thought about it as much as I had. Nick said he was gonna get the word “thirtizzle” tattooed on his neck, and I thought that was hilarious but he decided that was probably a really bad idea (which it was). We signed up, paid our $20, and we were set!

The next day at the office was a pretty easy day. Gary’s wife showed up at the office with huge crates of flowers and crafting supplies and brought them to us to make cards and bouquets for our Valentines! How sweet of her. She helped us get set up and we put together a bunch of bouquets, it was a lot of fun and a great way to spend the day.

Friday The 13thSo many flowers

Friday The 13thThe men at work

Work ended pretty early because it was the last day of the sprint. We finished up our last meeting and headed to the bar to have some drinks before I got my tattoo done. I wasn’t really nervous but more curious about what it would feel like. I was thankful I decided to start small instead of attempting a large one first, just in case. I had a couple of drinks at the bar with my coworkers, then went to meet Nick at Green Room for some more. I wanted to have several drinks in me before I went to the tattoo parlor. We had a few more drinks and then met Bizzy, then headed over to the shop at 7:45. The line was out the door and around the corner for people that didn’t have appointments scheduled. We signed in and got in the appointments line. That’s when I started to get a bit nervous.

“What one do you want?” They asked.
“Number 84, please. Can I get it without the shading on the sides?”
“Yeah of course, I’ll write that in the notes here, but remind your artist before hand.”
“Cool, thanks.”

In line again. I was up first out of the three of us.

There were five artists and I got one with a table.

“Hey is this you?” He holds up a stencil of the lightning bolts.
“Yep that’s the one. Without the shading here though, please.”
“Ok, where do you want it?”

I gestured to my left arm on the underside and he cleaned and shaved the area. I laid down on the table held my arm to my chest as tightly as I could because I wanted to keep it steady. I just wanted to get on with it.

He’s like “Ok relax, you’re way to tense right now.”

I was trying to tense up so that I wouldn’t move, but when I relaxed my arm I felt totally ready. I definitely over-thought it and hyped up what it was going to feel like. When the tattoo machine touched my arm it was a very minor irritation, somewhat like a sunburn that you can trace where it’s moving with your fingers. But, it felt kind of pleasant too. I can definitely see how people get addicted to getting tattoos. It was over with way too quickly. Less than a minute and I was done.

“Do you want the shading outlined or nah?”
“No, just the bolts, please.”
“Ok, how does that look?”

I look over at my arm and it’s already done. Too easy. I was almost disappointed it wasn’t more of an ordeal! Definitely can’t wait to get more done.

Here’s the finished, mostly healed product:

Friday The 13thFresh

Anyway, I’m really happy with how it turned out and really happy that I finally got to cross that experience off. After I got done, I went and had another drink with Nick and Bizzy before they went to a concert down the street and I went to Ashley’s birthday party at Black Swan. Had an awesome rest of the night and met a lot more interesting people.

Had a pretty chill Valentine’s Day the next day with a date at my place. Movie night, drinks, and dinner. Then, brunch and homemade mimosas this afternoon. Overall, a great Friday the 13th // Valentine’s Day weekend!

I’ll try and not go so long without an update next time. Have a great rest of your Sunday, everyone!

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Posted on Monday December 08, 2014 at 11:33pm in

In the middle of November, Grandma came to visit. I left work a bit early on Thursday afternoon to go pick her up at the airport. Everything went really smoothly, I was able to find her and bring her back to the apartment no problem. Unfortunately, she picked one of the worst weeks as far as weather to visit. It wasn’t as cold as it was in Minnesota, but it was unusually chilly for Texas. It was between 30 and 40 degrees every day she was in town and then it went back up to the 60s and 70s right after she left.

Because of the weather, Grandma mostly wanted to stay indoors. Jenny cooked soup for us to stay warm. The only thing she wanted to do while she was in Dallas was to go see the arboretum. I don’t know how she heard about it, but it had over 15,000 pumpkins there and she really wanted to go check it out. On the weekend, I took her there and we took a walk through the 12 days of Christmas display and the pumpkin patch.

Grandma Visits DallasAt the arboretum. It was a bit chilly that day

Grandma Visits Dallas

Grandma Visits Dallas

Grandma Visits Dallas

Grandma Visits DallasMade it to the pumpkin patch

Grandma Visits DallasOver 15,000 pumpkins here

Grandma Visits DallasGrandma sitting in Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage

Grandma Visits Dallas

After we finished walking the pumpkin patch, we went out and checked out the Galleria mall and did some shopping. We also saw the world’s tallest indoor Christmas tree.

Grandma Visits DallasGrandma and I in front of the Galleria Christmas tree

It was nice having Grandma in town for a few days, although it’s a shame that the weather wasn’t better while she was here. We did have a fun time, though!

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Posted on Wednesday September 24, 2014 at 10:41pm in

This is another one of those “in-between” posts. I’m finally starting to get caught up, though. After the boat party, there wasn’t much left of July. Jenny and I did make a trip down to Lakewood Brewery, though. Jenny’s friend from high school, Alex, volunteers there on weekends. We went to go say hi to her and also to check out the brewery. For $10, we got to tour the building and also received four free beers each. We got to sample whatever kinds of beers we wanted. At the end we found out we got to keep the cups they gave us. They were very cool looking cups, too:

Late July to Early AugustTexas beer growler and cup

That’s a great deal for only $10. $10 for four drinks alone is an amazing deal, not even counting the glasses and the tour. The growler pictured above Jenny got for us at the tour. There were a lot of different designs, but I really liked that one. Unfortunately, it’s just been sitting on top of the fridge because we haven’t found any place that will fill it yet. Hopefully we’ll get to use it soon.

Late July to Early AugustBeer

Jenny started working at a restaurant in uptown, just down the street from my office. She’s been working really hard every day from 7am until sometimes 7pm. She quickly got promoted to Daytime Bar Manager and then again to Front of House Manager. Unfortunately, she’s still had to work weekends. I made a thing lately of riding the train to uptown to go see her at the bar on Saturday, usually with some other friends.

Late July to Early AugustTrain to Dallas

Late July to Early AugustCityplace/Uptown Dallas has so many stairs

I’d drink $10 bottomless mimosas and sometimes have some lunch. Then, when her shift ends we go do something together for the rest of the day.

The restaurant she’s working at is called Origin Kitchen + Bar. The food is amazing.

Late July to Early AugustBLT Plus

Late July to Early AugustSteak

The menu is all seasonal, so it changes depending on what time of the year it is. They always do a different menu, too. They have a lot of creative dishes, and I’ve never had anything that wasn’t delicious there. If you’re ever in Dallas, I definitely recommend checking the restaurant out.

We also started going out early on Friday nights, usually to Round-up to visit Taylor. Jenny works early mornings, so we go out early and come back around midnight before it gets too late. One time when we were at Round-up Jenny wanted to sing karaoke. She was super nervous because the bar was packed, but she really wanted to do it. She did awesome and the bar loved her. She thinks she could do much better if she hadn’t been drinking, but I think she did just fine. Way better than I could do.

Jenny sings

Okay! That concludes this in-between post. The next post is going to be about my parents’ trip to Dallas!

Oh, one more thing — is now on Bloglovin. Feel free to follow it there!

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Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014 at 11:01pm in

This is another one of those “In the meantime” posts. I’ve been so busy lately it’s been hard to catch up. This stuff from this post is now over a month old! That’s okay though, at least I’m getting caught up slowly. Here’s some stuff that happened in the last month or so…

Texas Status: OfficialJenny made us an awesome Breaking Bad themed welcome mat for the apartment

After five attempts, I finally got my Texas license. I didn’t have to take a driver’s test or anything, but getting this thing was a huge hassle. The first time I tried to get it they told me I need a social security card, but could use a pay stub instead if I didn’t have one. My social security card was still in Wisconsin, so I brought them a pay stub the next time I went. When I went the second time they told me I actually needed a social security card. I had my parents mail me the card.

The third and fourth time I went to the DMV (or DPS as they call it in Texas) I tried to go during my lunch hour and ran out of time each time I went. The fifth time, I was super determined to get my license so I went an hour before the office was supposed to open. By the time I got to the DPS, the office was already opened and full, despite the hours listed on the door and online. I took my number and sat down in line as number 12.

Time ticked by. It was getting close to the time I had to be in the office. I decided I was getting my license no matter what this time. I sent my boss and project manager over hip chat and told them I would be a bit late because I was getting my license. After almost two hours of waiting, I had a brand new Texas driver’s license.

Texas Status: OfficialTexan Status: Official

In addition to this good news, things had been going really well at work lately so I treated Jenny and I to a fun weekend of going to see Planet of the Apes, going to Winstar World Casino (the world’s largest casino!), and going to Eden. It was a really fun weekend!

Here are some pictures from Winstar:

Texas Status: OfficialIt was both of ours’ second times, and our first time together

Texas Status: Official

Texas Status: Official

I gave us $75 each to spend. Jenny spent hers down to $0 and then we took the rest of my $50 and won over $100 in one spin. We played it down a bit more but then gave up. We didn’t make money, but we split what was rest, which ended up being about $50 each. We had a fun time at the casino, even though we didn’t score big. We may go back again sometime soon, as we just got free passes for the hotel there!

This post was pretty short compared to most, but the next post will be a guest post by Jenny about the Neighbourhood concert! Look forward to it!

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Posted on Sunday July 13, 2014 at 10:38pm in

There’s a lot of things that happened between my birthday and the end of June, so I’m gonna try and get caught up. This will cover from the end of the last post until about 2 weeks ago.

The night after my 25th birthday, we went out and celebrated again. It was really more of a birthday weekend, since Taylor was also celebrating his golden birthday. We celebrated together on Saturday. We went to Cane Rosso for dinner, a pizza place downtown. Great pizza, by the way. We met some friends at The Green Room in Deep Ellum and started drinking there. At the end of the night, we went to Eden to finish out. Eden is a dance club that opens at 3am and stays open until 8am, but it’s only open on Saturdays. Lately, we’ve been going there a lot.

In The Meantime...Eternal Eden Video here

We’d been having a lot of fun watching Nala.

In The Meantime...Towel Dog. Video here

Jenny kept making delicious meals:

In The Meantime...Jenny loves cooking

As such, our grocery list continued to grow…

In The Meantime...Many things to get

In The Meantime...But, groceries = more delicious food by Jenny

We checked out a Bar Rescued bar.

In The Meantime...Thirsty’s Roadside Bar in Grand Prairie

The bar was alright. You couldn’t really tell it had been on Bar Rescue and it was really smoky. The crowd was pretty old for us, we were the youngest ones there by a long shot. We had only one drink and then went out to meet up with Abel and Tiffany downtown.

In The Meantime...Taylor started staying with us for a bit

We got Nala a doggy bed.

In The Meantime...Jenny and Nala in their natural habitats

We did more dog sitting over a weekend. We watched Scout, Kelsey and Kody’s dog.

In The Meantime...Two dog weekend

In The Meantime...At the dog park! Video here

We went to Eden one night and stayed until they closed. Then, we just decided to stay up and go to a pool party the next day at Sisu in uptown.

In The Meantime...Pool party at Sisu

In The Meantime...Me, Jenny, Kevin, and Jeremy. One long weekend day

I got a wallet upgrade:

In The Meantime...New Tommy wallet

Nala got a kennel upgrade:

In The Meantime...New dog box, much more spacious

Taylor went to Florida and came back. Here we are at Woody’s together the day he came back:

In The Meantime...Jenny, me, Cole, Taylor, TJ

And then, the day finally came when Taylor found a new place to live and Nala went back to stay with him.

In The Meantime...Aww, bye Nala… It was fun!

We really miss Nala now. We went to the Irving SPCA to look at getting a puppy but didn’t end up getting one yet.

This brings us up to date through June. I’ll talk about 4th of July and a trip to the Japanese Botanical Gardens in the next post.

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