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Posted on Tuesday May 05, 2015 at 10:55pm in

In preparation for rStheCon, the big conference my company hosts in Dallas every year, we flew in all of the internationals (our people in the London office) as well as the California office into Dallas. They were there for the whole week leading up to the con for some company bonding time. Every year we do a big team event together. This year was definitely the funnest event I’ve ever done with a company. It reminded me that rewardStyle really is one of the coolest companies to work for.

Last year was bowling. This year was field games. Drinking field games. We all got off the party buses at the LOT. We weren’t told what we were going to be getting into, but we were all giving matching shirts that said #rStheGames and each handed a delicious margarita as we walked out into a huge outdoor area of beautiful food, photo booths, picnic tables, and various stations with games set up. There was a sign that said “rS the (drinking) Olympics” with 7 games listed. I could already tell we were about to have an awesome day.

We were divided up into colors (our teams) to compete head-to-head in the drinking games. I was on team orange (the best team, obviously). Here are a bunch of photos that the event photographer took. I’m in love with all of these pictures.


#rStheGamesThe games started with Flip Cup. We crushed it.

#rStheGamesOrange vs. Red. We won.

#rStheGamesNathan sinking a cup in beer pong

#rStheGamesThe DREAM team. GO ORANGE

Gary even wore his orange swim suit to show his team colors ^

One of the funnier games was “Face the Cookie.” Players have to down a beer, place an oreo on their forehead, and then try and maneuver it into their mouths without using their hands.

#rStheGamesBax faces the cookie

#rStheGamesJohn also faced the cookie and had a hard go at it

#rStheGamesIt’s ok though, he got it

#rStheGamesAlex and I sharing a moment in the three-legged drinking race relay. Another orange victory!

#rStheGamesCelebrating another victory

#rStheGamesGary basically just stood on the sidelines and shouted at other teams for us (moral support)

#rStheGamesBax and Am! rewardStyle CEO and President. Amber is a taco

#rStheGamesJT calling his shot

#rStheGamesForrest and a perfect follow-thru

#rStheGamesRed team celebrating a small victory

#rStheGamesThey had to pull all the tissues out of the box before they could proceed in the final round

#rStheGamesJT getting ready to spin around the bat

#rStheGamesMona was really happy about their win

#rStheGames#rStheFamily – the whole team together after the games. Can you find me? Hint: back left

So, after the games were over… what team won? Some would say it does not matter, but that we all had fun. I would say that the orange team won… BECAUSE WE DID! Aw yeahh! We won almost every round. Although purple gave us a bit of a scare in the last round, we came out ahead and we each got $25 American Express prepaid cards as our victory prize. Victory is sweet.

There are actually a ton more really awesome photos from this event. If you want to check them out go here. Use the email to view them.

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