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Los Angeles Weekend

Posted on Sunday November 30, 2014 at 10:45pm in ,

Ever since Larry moved out to LA to work at Space X, Bryan had been saying that we should make a trip over there to hang out. I really liked LA the first time I went. Bryan had never been to California, Larry knew the area well after living there for over a year, and I missed California, so it was the perfect place to visit!

We planned to fly in to LAX and meet there, since we all lived in different cities now. Jenny also wanted to go to LA, so she came with, too. We booked our tickets in October and flew out on Friday, November 7th. We had a super early morning flight (6:30am). We didn’t want to pay for parking so we planned to take the DART train to the airport around 4:30am. We packed at night after work, took a two hour power nap, then were very quickly woken up by our noisy alarms to get on the train. We actually were a few minutes late getting out the door so we had to sprint to the platform to get there on time. But, we made it just in the nick of time, heavy backpacks and all.

On the train we could relax a bit. It was only the second train of the morning, and the whole train was empty except for one or two other people. It took about 20 minutes to get to the airport. We went through security at terminal A because it was way less busy than our terminal, then took the skylink to terminal E. We got some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then waited for boarding.

Our flight was pretty cramped, but that’s how it is when you fly Spirit. Oh well, it’s super cheap.

Los Angeles WeekendLanding in LA

Our flight landed a bit early, and Larry was already at the airport. He picked us up and drove us to his place. He gave us his car to use for the day, and then he went to work on his motorcycle.

Los Angeles WeekendLarry’s street

Los Angeles WeekendStepping out, going exploring

The first thing we did was go to a CVS to get some supplies we forgot. Then, we went to the beach. Larry lived 2 blocks away from the beach, literally just down the street. Such a convenient location! We ended up spending most of our trip on the beach.

Los Angeles WeekendHermosa Beach

Los Angeles WeekendThe Pacific Ocean

Los Angeles Weekend

Los Angeles Weekend11.7.14

Los Angeles WeekendWriting stuff in the sand

Los Angeles WeekendMe on the beach

Los Angeles WeekendI tried to write “Drew ❤‘s LA” but the ocean erased it before I could finish

We had lunch at Brother’s Burritos, a mexican restaurant on the beach. It was set up similar to Chipotle, but it took a while to prepare your food and it was much higher quality. We did a bit of shopping and then we still had quite a bit of time before we had to pick Bryan up from the airport, so we decided to head down to Venice Beach in Larry’s car.

Los Angeles WeekendVenice Beach

Los Angeles Weekend

We saw a skate park while walking down Venice Beach, it seems like skateboarding is pretty popular in LA. Dallas only has one skate park left, and it’s not very good.

Los Angeles WeekendSkate Park on Venice Beach

Los Angeles Weekend

Los Angeles Weekend

Los Angeles WeekendJenny snapping some pictures of the skateboarders

Los Angeles WeekendWalking down the boardwalk

Los Angeles WeekendSunset on Sunset Av

The sun started to go down, and we started to walk back to the car, catching the beautiful beach sunset. We checked out a candy shop that Jenny wanted to go into, and she ended up buying a ton of stuff. “We can share it with the guys later!” She exclaimed, picking up handfuls and handfuls of assorted sweets.

We went and picked up Bryan from LAX and brought him back to Larry’s place to drop off some of his things. It was great to see Bryan again, for the first time since April. I actually don’t remember the last time I had seen Larry, but it must have been almost a year. After Bryan dropped off his things at Larry’s, we went to Space X to see Larry get off with work around 7:30.

We got a great tour of Space X by Larry. Although we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, I feel like I’ll remember the tour for a long time. It was a very impressive building, even bigger than I expected it to be. But, I suppose when you’re housing rockets the building needs to be pretty big.

When we finished the tour (it took about 45 minutes), we went to a delicious Hakata Ramen shop and had dinner. The food was amazing. We ate until we were so full we couldn’t move, then we went back to Larry’s place to chill for a bit before heading out to a nearby bar within walking distance. All of the bars were packed because it was Friday night. We were all pretty tired after getting a bunch of sun that day and waking up early, so we headed home early to get some rest.

The next day we had brunch at a restaurant Larry recommended called Sunny Spot. The food was great there, as well. Also, bottomless mimosas.

When we were so full we couldn’t move, we went back to Venice Beach, this time with Bryan and Larry. We stopped and got some iced coffee on the way, and checked out some local shops. We also stopped at a food truck for second brunch. When we got to the beach, we headed for Santa Monica Pier.

Los Angeles WeekendSandy beach

Los Angeles WeekendView from the pier

Los Angeles WeekendSanta Monica panorama 1

Los Angeles WeekendSanta Monica panorama 2

Los Angeles WeekendCool bird, checking out my camera

Los Angeles WeekendJenny and I

Los Angeles WeekendThe three amigos: Larry, Bryan and I on Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles WeekendJenny standing in line for ice cream

We decided to ride the Ferris Wheel so we could get the best view. We bought our tickets and got in line. The sun was just starting to go down as we got into the cart, perfect timing!

Los Angeles WeekendView from the top

I also took a short video on the ferris wheel.

Los Angeles WeekendJenny and Bryan

Los Angeles WeekendAnother view of the top

Los Angeles WeekendJust Bryan

Los Angeles WeekendJust Larry

Los Angeles WeekendJenny and I on the Ferris Wheel

Los Angeles WeekendThis is the wheel we rode on

Los Angeles WeekendOne last view of Santa Monica

Later in the evening we planned to go to Avalon, a fancy Hollywood EDM night club. First, we needed to take a break, though. We went back to Larry’s place and took naps and showers. Around 10, we left the apartment, got some energy drinks at the nearby and CVS and then drove downtown. We got to Avalon, and we beat the crowd. We got some drinks, found seating upstairs and chilled there for a bit. Bryan wasn’t feeling well though, and Jenny didn’t want to be there, so we ended up heading home early. Larry and I danced for a bit, but we felt bad leaving Jenny and Bryan up in the seats by themselves so we came back and we all left early together.

Los Angeles WeekendAvalon

Avalon was a really neat club, definitely the classiest club I’ve ever been to. The drinks were expensive though, about $14/drink on the low end. That’s about twice the price of Dallas and four times the price of Eau Claire. It was worth it though, as Bryan enjoyed his first time at a club.

The next day, we spent the whole time on Hermosa Beach together. It started off cloudy and chilly, but it warmed up and cleared up really quick around 11am. We put on our swimming suits, grabbed our towels, and hit the ocean. After a day full of swimming and sun bathing, we hit up In-N-Out by LAX for our last LA meal. It was also Bryan’s first In-N-Out.

It was another awesome trip to LA. I love California, I hope I can go back again soon!

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