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Halloween 2014

Posted on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at 11:47pm in

On the Wednesday before Halloween Jenny and I carved pumpkins. I am not a huge fan of carving pumpkins, but I went out and got some when I found out that Jenny had never carved one in her life.

For my pumpkin I carved Finn, The Human from Adventure Time

Halloween 2014Finn, The Pumpkin!

Jenny carved Pusheen. Here are our finished pumpkins together on the balcony:

Halloween 2014Pusheen and Finn

We both did our pumpkins free-hand. This is the first year I’ve actually carved a pumpkin I was satisfied with. I was pretty proud of my Finn pumpkin.

Earlier on in October, we went shopping for costumes. Originally, we planned to do an Ash / Pikachu couples costume, but that turned out to be more work than we were willing to do.

Halloween 2014Preliminary Pikachu

We decided to go a different route. I went with “raver Kanye FBII agent West.”

Halloween 2014raver Kanye FBII agent West

There’s a lot of pieces to this costume, and it’s got a lot of depth. I suppose the shutter shades could be considered as part of the “raver” portion of the costume, but I like to think of it as a whisper of Kanye West. The FBII vest and cap are for my character’s side job as an FBII agent (Federal Bureau of Investigations of Investigations).

I also added some handcuffs and more glow sticks on Halloween day.

Halloween 2014Click for full body view

Jenny decided on her costume pretty last minute. It was a pretty clever costume though, for very cheap:

Halloween 2014She went as a bottle of Sriracha

Halloween 2014Sriracha and FBII agent

Halloween 2014Kanye Sriracha West

At work, we had a costume contest so a lot of people dressed up. Harper went as Abel:

Halloween 2014Spot on

Halloween 2014JT went as a banana

JT let me borrow his banana suit for some photos. My costume got even more complex.

Halloween 2014raver Kanye Banana FBII agent West

Halloween 2014Without the cap

Halloween 2014I don’t think the world is ready for raver Kanye Banana FBII agent West

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