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Texas State Fair 2014

Posted on Tuesday October 07, 2014 at 9:07pm in ,

September 26th was “rS takes over the state fair!” day at work. My company gave us all the afternoon off to go have fun at the State Fair of Texas. It was my first time at the state fair and we went opening day. rS also encouraged us to bring family / significant others, so I invited Jenny. She also had never been to the fair, despite living in Dallas for the last ten years. It was the first fair for the both of us, and we were both really excited to go!

Texas State Fair 2014One fun ticket, please

My company paid for everything so we didn’t have to hold back on anything we wanted to do. My main goal was to eat all of the fried foods Texas had to offer. Jenny’s goal was to ride all of the rides.

I started off the day working from home because I had to get the old Jetta towed (Jenny finally got it fixed). It also worked out well because then we could ride the train to the fair together and not have to worry about finding a way back home if we drank too much at the fair. We left our place around noon and hopped on the DART.

Texas State Fair 2014On the train

Texas State Fair 2014View of Dallas from the train

Texas State Fair 2014Downtown Dallas, St. Paul Station

We made it to the fair and got our tickets from work. We were supposed to get together for a group photo under Big Tex at 1:00, but it got postponed until 2 because everyone was scattered throughout the fair. The organization must not have been very great, because we never took the photo.

Texas State Fair 2014Made it to the fair!

Texas State Fair 2014

The first thing we did was look for beer. We were so thirsty after all the walking around looking for the right gate to get our tickets from. After getting a beer each, we started walking around looking for fried foods to eat. We ran into some coworkers a couple of times, but split off pretty quickly. It was easy to get distracted with so many delicious foods to eat.

Texas State Fair 2014I’m big in Dallas

Texas State Fair 2014A little kid wanted to get in on Jenny’s picture

We finally found our first unique fried foods in the food court. We got a bacon fried cinnamon roll on a stick and some fried loaded baked potatoes. Also some margaritas. The bacon fried cinnamon roll was one of the first things we got, but I still think it was the best thing I had all day. It was seriously good.

Texas State Fair 2014Trying the bacon fried cinnamon roll on a stick

Texas State Fair 2014So good

Also found these:

Texas State Fair 2014Deep fried Sriracha balls

I really wanted to try deep fried Oreos, deep fried Snickers, deep fried milk and cookies, deep fried coke, and funnel cake ale… unfortunately, after the food above I was already full.

Texas State Fair 2014Map and guide

Texas State Fair 2014Fried foods guide

Texas State Fair 2014Big Tex

We saw Big Tex, but never got around to taking the group photograph. Jenny bought us state fair shirts. My work also gave me a state fair shirt, so I have two of them now.

Texas State Fair 2014Jenny’s shirt says “You had me at fried”

Shortly after that I ran into a bunch of my coworkers.

Texas State Fair 2014Coworkers: me, Abel, JT, Tim, Harrison, Nathan. Happy couples haha

We mostly just got drinks and ran around the car show together after that. Get ready for a bunch of photos at the car show:

Texas State Fair 2014JT and Tim going for a spin

Texas State Fair 2014Harrison and Nathan riding in back

Texas State Fair 2014Nathan and I

Texas State Fair 2014Don’t let Jenny drive

Texas State Fair 2014Something funny

Texas State Fair 2014Tim’s head got blurred out

After the car show we met up with Adam and his girlfriend, but we lost my other coworkers along the way. We decided to ride the sky tram together.

Texas State Fair 2014Adam was excited for the sky tram

Texas State Fair 2014Going above the fair

Texas State Fair 2014

Adam found out that I didn’t care for heights so much so he hopped in the front and started to shake the tram for my amusement.

Texas State Fair 2014He was definitely enjoying making me scared

Texas State Fair 2014So happy

Texas State Fair 2014The ferris wheel from the tram

Texas State Fair 2014

Texas State Fair 2014

When we got off the tram we were getting pretty tired and ready to go home. We said bye to Adam and Amanda and then headed back for the train station. We saw a photo booth on the way and decided to snap some quick pics before we got on the train.

Texas State Fair 2014State fair photo booth

Texas State Fair 2014Going back home

The state fair was awesome. It was a full day of eating fried foods and drinking and hanging out with friends. My only regret is that I couldn’t eat more food. Also, good news – I’m now completely caught up on my blogging! I’m going to try and stay caught up now. Look forward to more adventures!

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