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More Catch-Up and Oddball

Posted on Sunday October 05, 2014 at 4:51pm in

This should be the last “catch-up” post for a while. I’ve been playing catch up for a bit now, but I’m finally getting closer to being up to date. Here’s the update for the end of August through September!

After my parents left Dallas, Nala came to stay with us for a week and a half while Taylor was in New Orleans. It was great to have her back again, but now Jenny was working during the day so she did have to stay in the kennel quite a bit more than she used to.

In work related news, the developers got a brand new work environment. It had been under construction for about two months, but it finally finished the last week of August. We have a whole new open area office, kitchen, meeting rooms, and a shiny new keg!

More Catch-Up and OddballOffice keg

Dan, one of my favorite co-workers left rewardStyle. We went to Korean BBQ to celebrate his new job in Boston. We also decorated his desk for him on his last day:

More Catch-Up and OddballDan’s last day

JT continues to draw turkeys on the whiteboards. Our new office space has whiteboard walls everywhere.

More Catch-Up and OddballJT’s masterpiece

I’ve been making a few changes lately. I started a two-week low-carb diet. After two weeks were up, it was so successful and I had so much more energy that I decided to keep doing it. I miss a lot of foods (popcorn, bread, and chips, mostly). However, there are a lot of foods I can still eat that I like, so it’s not much of a sacrifice. It just requires a bit more planning.

More Catch-Up and OddballLow-carb diet

I grew out my beard fully (no more goatee). I also got a nice pair of fancy matte black Ray Ban Wayfarers. I’ve never purchased a pair of shades that cost more than $15, so it was a pretty big step up. I think I made a good choice though, they’re great sunglasses.

I was planning to make a whole post on Mad Decent Block Party, but it ended up being not much to write about. Jenny got us tickets to go a couple of weeks before the event and we were both really excited. Unfortunately, Jenny got sick right before the event (we had made it to the parking lot when she started feeling ill). I decided we should go home so she could rest and feel better. The event lasted all day and went until 10pm. Around 8:30 Jenny said she was feeling much better and wanted to go catch the last couple of performers.

We arrived with about 45 minutes left in the event and enjoyed the last set from the back. We ran into Kelsey, Kody, and Robert there and went over to their apartment afterwards. We went for a quick swim together and had some drinks, but then went back home around midnight because we both had work the next day.

Not a lot to say about Mad Decent because we unfortunately weren’t able to go for very long. It’s alright though, there are still lots more music festivals in Dallas.

I bought tickets to go see Larry in LA next month with Bryan and Jenny.

Jenny gave me a new haircut:

More Catch-Up and OddballShort sides now

Lastly, we went to the Oddball Comedy Tour to see Louis CK! It was a huge comedy festival with a bunch of comedians doing stand up at the Gexa Energy Pavilion. It was headlined by Louis CK, one of my favorite comedians, Sarah Silverman, and Jeff Ross as the host. Taylor came with us. We showed up pretty early and got a good seat on the lawn.

More Catch-Up and OddballOddball Comedy Festival!

More Catch-Up and OddballTaylor, Jenny, and I

The show was great, the sets were hilarious. Most of them, anyway. There was a lot of waiting and there were a few sets that weren’t so funny. Overall though, it was hilarious. Jeff Ross was great as a host. Louis CK was by far the best comedian there. Sarah Silverman wasn’t so funny, actually. The only problem was the show was super long. They had so many comedians that it ended up being over four hours long. I knew that it would be long going in, but a comedy event should be about 90 minutes at the most I feel like. We did get tired and sore from sitting on the lawn waiting for Louis CK to come on. If Louis CK wasn’t last, we would have left much earlier.

It’s also too bad that Aziz Ansari didn’t come to the Dallas event, I really would have liked to see him as well. Ah, well.

Anyway, I think we’re all caught up now. The next post will be about the Texas State Fair!

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