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Texan Status: Official

Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014 at 11:01pm in

This is another one of those “In the meantime” posts. I’ve been so busy lately it’s been hard to catch up. This stuff from this post is now over a month old! That’s okay though, at least I’m getting caught up slowly. Here’s some stuff that happened in the last month or so…

Texas Status: OfficialJenny made us an awesome Breaking Bad themed welcome mat for the apartment

After five attempts, I finally got my Texas license. I didn’t have to take a driver’s test or anything, but getting this thing was a huge hassle. The first time I tried to get it they told me I need a social security card, but could use a pay stub instead if I didn’t have one. My social security card was still in Wisconsin, so I brought them a pay stub the next time I went. When I went the second time they told me I actually needed a social security card. I had my parents mail me the card.

The third and fourth time I went to the DMV (or DPS as they call it in Texas) I tried to go during my lunch hour and ran out of time each time I went. The fifth time, I was super determined to get my license so I went an hour before the office was supposed to open. By the time I got to the DPS, the office was already opened and full, despite the hours listed on the door and online. I took my number and sat down in line as number 12.

Time ticked by. It was getting close to the time I had to be in the office. I decided I was getting my license no matter what this time. I sent my boss and project manager over hip chat and told them I would be a bit late because I was getting my license. After almost two hours of waiting, I had a brand new Texas driver’s license.

Texas Status: OfficialTexan Status: Official

In addition to this good news, things had been going really well at work lately so I treated Jenny and I to a fun weekend of going to see Planet of the Apes, going to Winstar World Casino (the world’s largest casino!), and going to Eden. It was a really fun weekend!

Here are some pictures from Winstar:

Texas Status: OfficialIt was both of ours’ second times, and our first time together

Texas Status: Official

Texas Status: Official

I gave us $75 each to spend. Jenny spent hers down to $0 and then we took the rest of my $50 and won over $100 in one spin. We played it down a bit more but then gave up. We didn’t make money, but we split what was rest, which ended up being about $50 each. We had a fun time at the casino, even though we didn’t score big. We may go back again sometime soon, as we just got free passes for the hotel there!

This post was pretty short compared to most, but the next post will be a guest post by Jenny about the Neighbourhood concert! Look forward to it!

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