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Austin Roadtrip Part I

Posted on Thursday June 12, 2014 at 9:27pm in ,

The weekend following the rewardStyle conference management gave us all Friday off. I had been thinking of taking a Texas roadtrip sometime, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to maybe go to Galveston or Corpus Christi. Jenny said Austin would be better because it’s a bit closer and we both have friends there. I have three friends that live in Austin: Rachel (friend from Wisconsin), Greg (ex-rewardStyle coworker), and Abba (ex-classmate). I said that sounded like a great idea because I’ve always wanted to go to Austin. We considered taking a bus down with our bikes, but the bikes would have cost extra and the cost of the bus alone was more than driving in the car.

We left Thursday night after work and drove straight down to Austin. We took the bikes and planned to explore Austin completely on bike or public transit. It was about a three hour drive to get there. The first night we kind of made a mistake in scheduling, though. We thought we were going to stay at Jenny’s friend, Abby’s place, but actually we were going to stay there on Friday, not Thursday. We arrived in Austin around 1:30am and then got a hotel. We were going to go drinking a bit, but we were pretty tired by the time we got there. It worked out well though because we got to plan our next day in our room and take it easy.

We had a big plan for the first day in Austin. We were going to take the bikes out and do a full tour of Austin, seeing all of the famous wall murals. Austin is pretty famous for having several painted walls around the city. We marked them all on our map and drove to Abby’s house where we set up camp. From there, we biked down 1st St. and into the city.

Austin Roadtrip Part IDowntown Austin!

Our first stop was lunch. We ate at a popular local Mexican restaurant called Juan in a Million. I thought the name was clever.

Austin Roadtrip Part IJuan in a Million

From there, our first mural was the “You’re My Butter Half” wall.

Austin Roadtrip Part IYou’re My Butter Half

Austin Roadtrip Part IJenny

Austin Roadtrip Part IMe

From there, we set off on bike for the next mural.

Austin Roadtrip Part IBiking towards the University of Texas – Austin

The next mural was Jeremiah The Innocent.

Austin Roadtrip Part IJeremiah The Innocent. Contrary to popular belief, this was actually commissioned by the city and is not graffiti

Austin Roadtrip Part I

The next mural was the “I Love You So Much” wall. This is probably Austin’s most famous wall mural.

Austin Roadtrip Part I

Austin Roadtrip Part I

Austin Roadtrip Part IUnfortunately, we didn’t really get a good shot together. This was the best one I could find. Wish I hadn’t been wearing sunglasses

The last mural on our schedule was the Austin postcard. I didn’t know that this one was so recent, but apparently it was just painted last year.

Austin Roadtrip Part IGreetings from Austin!

Austin Roadtrip Part I

At the end of our route we went about 14 miles. We finished back at Abby’s house. You can view our route on mapmyride by clicking the map below.

Austin Roadtrip Part IClick to view our bike route: Tour de Austin

We settled in to the room that Abby gave us and then we went out to dinner at East Side Kings. They had some really good food. It used to be a food truck and it turned into a brick and mortar shop because it was so successful. That seems to be a common occurrence in Austin. When we finished eating we headed back to casa de Abby and took a nap and got ready to go out to see some Austin nightlife.

We went down to 6th street, a popular drinking street. It was my first time there, and we met my old rewardStyle coworker Greg there. We started at Wistlers (I think that’s how it was spelled). I don’t really remember the other bars we went to by name, but we did see a Bar Rescued bar that looked super familiar but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it. It was The Brixton. If I had remembered at the time that it was a Bar Rescued bar I definitely would have requested we stop by. Oh well, maybe next time.

We took a bicycle cab across town to get to the last bar of the night. We also checked out two food trucks (both of which had amazing food!) It was a lot of fun, but very expensive. I spent about $50 per bar and we went to 5 bars and two food trucks so it was an expensive evening. It was a lot of fun though. We took a taxi back to the house and crashed for the night.

The next day we got on our bikes and Jenny was super tired after just a few minutes of riding. We stopped at a gas station and saw a rare sight:

Austin Roadtrip Part IPayphones! They still exist

We arranged to meet my friend Rachel at Gordoughs – a restaurant that serves everything on a donut, including their salads and their burgers. Yep, donut burgers.

Austin Roadtrip Part IDonut burgers. Cheat day

After lunch, Jenny and I went to see the state capitol.

Austin Roadtrip Part ITexas state capitol

Austin Roadtrip Part IInside

Austin Roadtrip Part IThe Texas star was everywhere

Austin Roadtrip Part IFrom the top

Austin Roadtrip Part IA nice lady saw us walking around and just offered to take our photo

Austin Roadtrip Part IIn the courtyard

Austin Roadtrip Part IThis was at the center of the courtyard

The capitol building was huge and there was a lot to see. We didn’t make it to everything, but it was a fun tour.

Austin Roadtrip Part IFull view from outside

Just as we were leaving the building, there was a huge march for marijuana legalization. There were a ton of people and they marched from the street into the capitol. It was an interesting sight.

Austin Roadtrip Part ILegalize marijuana protestor

I’m about at the halfway point in the trip now, so I think I’m going to split this post into two parts to keep it from getting to long. I will write about the rest of Saturday and Sunday in the next post. Look forward to part II coming soon!

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