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rStheCon 2014

Posted on Thursday May 22, 2014 at 8:08pm in

My company, rewardStyle has a huge annual conference for our publishers. This was my first year getting to participate and I had an awesome time. The conference was very busy and over a weekend, but it was so much fun.

rStheCon 2014#rStheCon – Instagram photos

The conference itself was at The Joule. I had never been there, but it was a great venue. It was a two day event, but as a developer I was only involved on the second day (and a little bit in the evening of the first day). At the end of day one, there was a gathering at the giant eye in front of The Joule. The developers left the office after work and most of us went to go enjoy the party.

rStheCon 2014At the Joule

rStheCon 2014The DJ at the eye

rStheCon 2014Photo booth pics

The event was mainly for publishers, but it was nice to mingle and chat with them. Many publishers traveled from all over the world to attend the conference in Dallas, and many of our biggest publishers were there. It was an exciting day for rewardStyle.

On Saturday, I arrived in the morning to help out with various things like transporting mannequins and showing attendees up to the terrace. We had a short break in the afternoon and went to check out the pool.

rStheCon 2014New kicks at the pool

After the event started winding down, I started to get ready for the after party at Saint Anne’s. Before I tell about that, I should mention that I started dating again. After my long, long, long on-again-off-again relationship with Hiroko finally came to an end I met someone new kind of quickly and unexpectedly. I met Jenny on Tinder in the beginning of April and we hit it off so well we started dating officially on April 20th. I invited her to come with me to the conference party at St. Anne’s.

rStheCon 2014Jenny and I

Jenny is wonderful. She is like another me, it’s amazing how well we get along together. I wasn’t planning on getting into anything again so soon, but for Jenny I had to make an exception.

rStheCon 2014Party!

After the party started winding down around midnight, we took an Uber to The Green Room in Deep Ellum to hang out with some other friends. They have giant Jenga there.

rStheCon 2014Giant Jenga block at The Green Room. I love this block

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