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Mackenzie Visits Dallas

Posted on Tuesday March 18, 2014 at 11:53pm in

For Spring Break my sister arranged to come fly down to Dallas to visit me in my new city. I picked her up last Saturday night around 10:30pm and brought her back to my place. Originally, she was scheduled to get in around midnight, but she got in earlier because she switched her layover flight for a direct one. I didn’t have anything planned for that evening because she got in pretty late, so we just got some food for her to eat at Jack in the Box and went back to my place. I live about 15 minutes from DFW airport, so it wasn’t long before we were back and relaxing at home.

Up until that Saturday afternoon I had no place for her to sleep yet. I had actually planned on getting a couch earlier that week, but I had difficulties locating a good one. I found out that craiglist is a treasure chest of amazing stuff and super cheap prices. I ended up snagging a great deal on an awesome chocolate leather couch with delivery! One of the big snags of living alone is that moving furniture or transporting anything that requires more than one person to lift can be difficult to manage.

Sunday morning, new couch

Sunday was pretty much our only full day because I still worked during the week. We tried to go for a bike ride first, but it turns out the bike rental shop in Las Colinas was closed. Funny, I had just gone there the week before, but now the building is completely empty. We walked back to my place. Not having any other alternatives in the area for bike rental, we decided to go for a drive to Taco Cabana. Those are some good street tacos.

Later in the day we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. We got there kinda late so there were no crowds and we got to see everything without any hassle or lines. In the evening we went to see The Lego Movie at a Studio Movie Grill. Studio Movie Grills are awesome because they combine restaurants and movie theaters. Mackenzie liked it as much as I do. Oh, and the movie was great. The Lego Movie is a uniquely hilarious movie appropriate for children and adults of all ages. It was engaging, funny, and lighthearted. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Studio Movie Grill in Irving

On Monday I went back to work and Mackenzie had my apartment to herself. She had a pool, TV, fitness center, balcony, parks, and other various things to keep her occupied. I think she liked having the place to herself during the days. She did get a bit sunburned though.

While I was at work my coworkers introduced me to an awesome dive restaurant that was featured on the Food Channel called Twisted Root. It was amazing weather that day so we ate in the outside dining area. The menus and wall writings were pretty funny. When you make an order they give you a name card that is some famous person instead of your own name. When they call it, your order is up. Twisted Root is a basically a burger joint, but they have tons of different burger meats including ostrich, buffalo, emu, and so on. I actually didn’t know that you could get different kinds of meats until I had already placed my regular beef burger order, unfortunately – now I have to go back.

Too large to even fit in the frame

The burgers were a spiritual experience. Definitely at least a million calories though.

I took off work early at 6pm every day so I could come home and do something for dinner with Mackenzie. One of the first things we did was cook some chile grilled chicken and waffles. They turned out really good, but the only photo I took was with my phone, unfortunately.

Imagine the interesting flavor

Each day was pretty much the same during the week. Go to work, come back, talk about the day and eat dinner, watch a movie or Netflix, go to bed. So, the days went on as such, and then on her last night in town Hiroko and I took her out for a birthday dinner at Reunion Tower.

I had never been to the top of Reunion Tower before, but it has the alleged “best view of Dallas” so I figured it would be a good last night experience. The dinner was great, although expensive. The price was expected, but the portion size was not. The size of the meals were surprisingly large for a fancy restaurant. My general experience with gourmet restaurants has been very small portion sizes. However, we all left the restaurant hours later than expected and super full.

The view was great, although I came a bit ill prepared for photography. I had my camera but no stabilizer and only one lens.

View from our table looking out

The whole restaurant is constantly rotating, so you get a full 360 view of the city

My hair is getting long

This is the appetizer I ordered. Salt and pepper rock shrimp

Mackenzie taking a picture of the Omni Hotel

This was the plate I ordered. It’s half a chicken on vegetables with fried rice

We got to meet the executive chef, Hiroyuki Fujino. He was from Japan and came out to speak to us in Japanese for a bit. It was really cool to get to meet one of the head chefs and he was super nice. He even came by later and brought us an unexpected free dessert set.

Apples, cinnamon, ice cream

The chef, Mackenzie, and I

Hiroko finally got in on a picture, too

It’s amazing how fast time flew at the restaurant. We had reservations at 9:30 and thought we would be back by 11:00 or so. The first time I checked my watch it was already 11:30. I think we got back to my place around 12:30. It was a really fun last night though!

Outside the tower at the bottom

In other news, here are some apartment updates.

I’ve been slowly furnishing my place. I got a bookcase.

Finally got to move the last of the boxes (my books) out of the car

Also got a TV stand

I also got a vacuum, but I didn’t want to be the guy that posts a picture of his vacuum on the internet.

I’ll post another tour of the place when I get a table, some chairs, and maybe some plants or something.

Also, almost forgot to mention but I got my first haircut since moving today. It was great! It seems like a rewardStyle tradition that all of the engineers get their hair cut by Nathan’s girlfriend. After getting my haircut there, I see why. She does good work, it’s quick, and you get a shoulder massage too. I’d post a picture of my shorter hair now, but I didn’t take one and it’s getting late. Maybe next time.

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