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2013: Year In Review

Posted on Wednesday January 01, 2014 at 9:02pm in

2014 is here now so I thought I would reflect a bit on 2013. 2012 and 2013 seem to kind of blend together. It seems weird to think I graduated over a year ago now. I figure I’ll make this yearly review an annual post.


2013 started with a fun New Year’s Eve Party at Bryan’s new house (as did this year). Shortly after I went to Los Angeles for the first time.

2013: Year In ReviewVenice Beach Sunset

Larry had his annual Maximum Ridiculousity Party at Shanghai Bistro and we all dressed up and brought a fancy dish to pass. It went until the morning and was a lot of fun. I received my official college degree in the mail and I started working as a full-time salaried worker at JB Systems! The year had begun.


In February I released my first major Android application, Bookeep!
2013: Year In ReviewBookeep
Spel Mobile Software also put out their second app, Spel Memory.


March was the 3rd Annual International Culture Night, and my first time not participating as a student. Actually, JCS didn’t participate at all that time, so I wouldn’t have had much to do anyway. I was just an event photographer, so I got to enjoy the show and take pictures.

2013: Year In ReviewInternational Culture Night Cast

Hiroko also came to Eau Claire to get the rest of her things. I helped her move and we got to spend some time together. Unfortunately, I got really sick so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to!


I can’t remember much of anything big that happened in April 2013. I was still hard at work, and I started trying to bike again now that the snow was clearing away.


Actually, it turns out the snow wasn’t gone. We had a huge snowstorm in the beginning of May and I went back to driving again. I did a graduation photo shoot for a bunch of friends that were graduating. I went to Fort Worth to celebrate my birthday with Hiroko.

2013: Year In ReviewA little Fish at the aquarium

I had a really fun birthday. We went to the aquarium, the casino, the beach, the movies, etc. It rained a lot, but overall the weather was nice. I even extended my stay by 1 day instead of going back for Labor Day.


Anki Aniki is released! I had been working on this app for 3 months and was really excited to finally put it up for sale. Since it’s release in June 2013, it’s been downloaded over 5,000 times! It’s been gaining a lot of popularity. This is the app I am the most proud of so far. I have been busy updating it ever since.

2013: Year In ReviewAnki Aniki

I can’t wait to see what app I’ll come up with next!

This is also the month we had to say goodbye to our dog, Sierra. She has been gone for half a year now, and it still feels strange to come home and not have her come to greet me.


Fort Worth Part III. I went to see Hiroko to spend 4th of July together.

2013: Year In ReviewFort Worth lawn flag

We had another really great time. We went mini-golfing, go-karting, went to the pool, had a cookout, went to see the fireworks (but failed to actually see them), tried to buy fireworks (but failed to buy actual fireworks), went to a nice Japanese restaurant, went to lots of restaurants, went on a bike ride to the beach, went to a Ranger’s game, and more!


I was fully biking to work each day now. I really like being able to bike to work. Mike was in town for the summer and we went to the Pizza Farm together.

2013: Year In ReviewOne of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten

The pizza was really great at the pizza farm. However, the Chicago style pizza I had in December might have topped it. It’s hard to compare tastes months apart.

August is also the month that DrewHarris.co went live, taking over from the previous domain, equilibrium-blog.com


Katie and Tom got married!

2013: Year In ReviewKatie’s bouquet

Breaking Bad, the greatest show on TV ended (actually just ordered my Breaking Bad collection today). I debuted ankianiki.com.


Bryan and I made the trip down to La Crosse to celebrate OctoberFest.

2013: Year In ReviewThere are three states in this panorama

I also released the responsive version of this website. Oh, and I was Kanye Banana West for Halloween.


The Boston Career Forum!

2013: Year In ReviewMy CFN name badge

I had a successful time in Boston and met lots of cool companies. It was definitely a good learning experience and worth the trip. I didn’t get to explore much of Boston, and Boston was really expensive, but I had a good time and I’m glad I went. This month, my car also broke down and I had to have it fixed for a grand total of over $1,400. Whew!


The last month of the year. I started off by going to Chicago with Michael to take the JLPT N2. That was a really fun trip. We got to eat Chicago style pizza, see the bean, see John Hancock Observatory and sample some great Chicago style hot dogs.

2013: Year In ReviewMillennium Park

I hope the test went well, but I still won’t know the results until February! Towards the end of December I also got to go to Irving Park for the first time. Christmas came and went as usual, with the usual festivities. The year ended with a New Years Eve Party (Funeral For 2013) at Bryan’s house. We watched Looper, counted down to the new year, and then I fell asleep on the couch. Not the most exciting, but I was just getting over a cold.

I created a special album that showcases my 2013. Click the link below to view it.

2013 Gallery

Here’s to a great 2014!

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