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Halloween, Haunted House, Broken Car

Posted on Sunday November 03, 2013 at 8:01pm in ,

Long time, no post! I guess I haven’t really felt like there was anything worth writing about lately. October has come and gone already, and time is flying right by. Up until recently, I’d been riding my bike to work every day, but it finally got too cold. I bought a hat to keep the wind off my ears but when I rode with it, it was still way too cold. I enjoy riding when it’s nice out, but when it’s painful to ride it’s no fun!

On Thursday I am going to the Boston Career Forum. Before that, I have to get a new suit and update my Japanese resume.

Last Thursday was Halloween. I dressed up as Kanye Banana West. A lot of people in the office dressed up, too. Here’s me at work, being a banana:

Halloween, Haunted House, Broken CarWorking hard like a banana

After work, I went right over to Bryan’s house for his Halloween party. We were planning to hand out candy to trick or treaters, watch movies, listen to music and order pizza. Unfortunately, only ONE trick or treater came, so we had a lot of left over candy! We watched some Halloween themed TV specials, ordered pizza, and then danced in our costumes. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people showed up! Chris took a bunch of pictures, but he hasn’t posted them online yet so I’ll put them up later.

The day after Halloween, Mike wanted to take the new Japanese students and some people from Japanese Coffee Hour to a haunted house. He did some research and found a really good looking Haunted House called Scream Town. It was two hours away, near Minneapolis, and it was kind of expensive, but the reviews were all really good. I had never been to a haunted house before so I was kind of looking forward to going to one. The production quality was pretty high, it actually looked like an abandoned village in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive through dirt roads into a field to get to the place and it was surrounded in fog.

There were five haunted houses. The lines were all pretty long when we first got there, and we only had an hour to go through them all before the park closed. We were worried we would only get through one or two, but after we went through the first one, the lines all cleared up and we were able to fast track our way through most of them. There were two really good houses, and the rest were okay. Once you go through one of them, you more or less get the idea. Even though the houses seemed to be pretty long, we managed to get through all of them!

As for my first haunted house experience, I would say it was pretty fun. I’m glad I tried it. It was perfect except for one little thing…

On the way back from the haunted house, my car suddenly died in Hudson! Mike, being good with cars, took a look at it and concluded that it was “not good.” We had no choice but to leave the car and continue on in Mike’s car. Mike offered to help me tow it the next day in his van. So, that’s what we did.

Halloween, Haunted House, Broken CarMy poor broken car

Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much to fix!

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