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Pizza Farm

Posted on Sunday August 18, 2013 at 2:16am in ,

Two weeks ago, Mike invited me to go to the pizza farm. The pizza farm is a small farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin that serves pizza on Tuesdays from about 5pm to 8pm. That’s right, only three hours a week. All of the ingredients on the pizza come from the farm itself and the pizzas are cooked in firebrick ovens. When Mike mentioned the name to me I recalled my co-worker from JAMF recommending a similar sounding place to me last year. He said I really have to go there and try it out. It’s not just about the delicious pizza, it’s an experience. I ended up seeing that same co-worker by chance over the following weekend and as it turns out, it was the same place. He re-affirmed that I should definitely go. Everyone should go, he said.

So, I said I’d check it out. Mike and I were going to drive over together after work and meet some of his friends over at the farm who had been there before. After work I went to his place and we took his car to go to the farm. We stopped and got some beer on the way. The drive takes about an hour.

Pizza FarmOn the way to the pizza farm. This is the last time I saw these sunglasses, unfortunately

Pizza FarmThe road turns to dirt, that’s how you know you’re getting close

Pizza FarmThis is their menu. Allegedly, they also have a really good bacon pizza, but it sold out by the time we got there…

Pizza FarmThis is where they cook the pizza

Pizza FarmThere were a ton of people everywhere. I can’t believe how popular this place is

When we arrived there was a huge line of parked cars, and past that there were three full parking lots. They weren’t really lots, they weren’t paved or anything, but they were full of cars regardless.

Pizza FarmNew Glarus Wild Sour Ale. I really liked this, I recommend it if you can find it

We were number 185. That’s a lot of pizza for only being 1.5 hours into sales. Surprisingly, the wait was super short when we got there. Only 35 minutes for our pizza, and it arrived exactly on time.

Pizza FarmPizza oven

At the farm, they sell only pizza, which means everything else we had to bring. Drinks, tables, chairs, utensils, napkins, etc. We already knew this going in though, so we were prepared. The pizza size is 16”, which is pretty big, so Mike and I were able to split it no problem. We got the Italian Sausage for $28 which we split 2 ways. About $14 for half of a big pizza, an hour drive and a 35 minute wait. Was it worth it?

Pizza FarmOh yes

This pizza was really good. You can probably tell from just the picture above that it was one tasty pizza. I really recommend trying this place (if you’re a reasonable distance away). These people sure know how to make a pizza. By the way, I believe the actual name of this place is called “A to Z produce” but everyone I know just refers to it as “Pizza Farm”. There may or may not be more than one “Pizza Farm” in Wisconsin, though.

Pizza FarmPizza Farm

Pizza Farm

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