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The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on Saturday August 04, 2012 at 2:15pm in

The Dark Knight Rises

No Spoilers.

After the brilliance that was The Dark Knight, I was really looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises. That’s why when Larry said we could all go see it in IMAX I was on board from the start. We all went to go see it in IMAX in Minneapolis last Saturday. I have been meaning to write about it for a long time but I’ve just been too busy to sit down and type it out.

I’ll start with my overall opinions and then I’ll get nitpicky. First, overall, it was a good conclusion to a great trilogy. Batman Begins I was never a big fan of and never felt the need to see more than once. However, The Dark Knight is probably one of my favorite movies ever. It’s good on its own. You don’t really need to see the first movie to enjoy it, although it probably helped. The Dark Knight Rises does not measure up to the second movie. That’s not to say that it’s not a great movie. If it wasn’t following such a tough act, I’m sure it would have seemed much more impressive. Christopher Nolan is, after all, a very talented director.

Now, I’m going to start nit picking. What held the movie back? I’ll be making a few comparisons to The Dark Knight, as well.

1. Bane. This is the main villain of the movie. In the original Batman comic, Bane was the only person to ever defeat Batman in battle. He was also a master escape artist, fighter, strategist, genius, master of disguise with a photographic memory. That’s a lot of power to cram into one villain, I was curious to see how many of these things the movie would allow, considering Nolan has restricted the Batman movies with a firm foot in “reality.” To my disappointment, Bane was none of these things in the movie. The only thing Bane really seemed to be was a man in peak physical condition with a lot of physical power.

This makes him different than the other villains in the series. He is the first villain to be actually physically threatening. He is also quick to kill first and ask questions later, making him scary in a whole different way than the Joker or Scarecrow.

I did like his omnipresent voice that filled the speakers of the theater, though. Although, on second thought, they really should have had subtitles for this guy. I must have missed 10 of his lines at least because he was difficult to understand. Bane was a good villain, but could have been better. For such a prolific character, they could have given him more depth.

2. Catwoman. Unnecessary, uninteresting.

3. The background music was way too loud. There was always an overbearing musical score playing in the background – even during “quiet scenes.” It made it so that it was difficult to hear dialogue in certain parts. I would watch it again to go back and catch the pieces I missed.

4. Batman. He was just a little too weak. I get that it was the “point,” but I think they over did it. He was really helpless in this movie. That’s not what people go to see Batman for.

There are a few other specifics I could mention, but for the sake of keeping this post spoiler free, I will refrain. Nitpicking aside, this is a good movie and a strong conclusion. If you liked The Dark Knight, you should go see this – you will enjoy it. You may find yourself nitpicking like me, but you won’t be disappointed overall.


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