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Posted on Friday May 07, 2010 at 12:21am in

I finally went and saw Avatar on Wednesday night. I found out it was playing at the budget theater downtown for only $3. That’s cheaper than renting the DVD and I could actually get to see it in theaters still. People have been talking about this movie non-stop since it came out, so I figured I should go see it.

So, here’s Avatar.


First: it was very long. I’m not sure how long, but it seemed to be very stretched towards the end. It seemed that things were finally coming to a close, and then a thirty minute climactic battle begins. The battle itself was fun to watch, so I’m not complaining. But, if you didn’t know it was coming like I didn’t, you’ll think that the movie is very long.

The environments look really great. The people don’t look necessarily very realistic, but they don’t look that unrealistic either. There was an area in the movie called the “Floating Mountains,” although I don’t really see how mountains could float like that.

The story shares a lot of similarities with the movie Pocahontas (click for an interesting comparison). However unoriginal the plot, the plot isn’t what people consider great about the movie. Avatar has been called the Star Wars of the 2000’s because of the groundbreaking visual effects. Star Wars wasn’t an original story either, just an old one moved to space with super special effects (like Avatar).

So what do I think overall? It was alright, but I don’t think it was that memorable. I’m sure people will be talking about this movie for many years. James Cameron certainly knows how to spend 300 million dollars. The characters were good, the colonel especially, although his evil was at times a bit unbelievable.

A lot of effort was put into this film and it was a big milestone for visual effects. I would recommend you see it.

In other news…

Larry needed help at his restaurant, Shanghai Bistro today. He asked me to work 5 to 9 for $50. I jumped at the opportunity and went in to work after class got out. It was incredibly busy. I thought $50 was a good deal, but he threw in an extra $30 just because they were so busy all night. Nice!

Oh, and when I got home, Bryan made this “sculpture” out of my belt. He made a placard for it so I have it on display in my room now.


What a work of art…

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