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Posted on Monday April 12, 2010 at 8:16pm in

I have a few new things to mention. Several pages have been revamped or added to. Here are the details:

The about section has been re-done. The format has been changed slightly and I touched up the imagery so the lighting is better. Lastly, I also changed it so that all of my favorite movies, music, and so on in the “About Me” segment wasn’t cluttering up the whole page. I put them in a hidden slot that can be toggled on and off by clicking.

In the links section, I added two new links: The Awesomer and White Ninja Comics. Browse the links section for details.

The last section I revamped was the contact page. This one was in need of a change for a long time. Since the beginning of this site it’s only listed my email and a few other forms of contact. Well, I changed that and replaced the whole page with a simple contact form. Fill out your name, email, and leave a message! Pretty simple.

Those are a couple of things I’ve been doing. In some other news, I fixed my webcam (although this fix may only last another few months like that time) with a some stronger materials: I moved up from scotch tape and toothpicks to duct tape and paper clips! I’d like to see it try and break through that…


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