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Sideways, Class Registration

Posted on Thursday April 08, 2010 at 10:46pm in

Two things for you today. First, let’s talk about class registration. I signed up for my classes for Fall 2010, the first year of my senior year. Here’s what I’m taking as of now…

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First off, my university switched registration systems and so it was a real pain to register. It took twice as long as it usually would, and the method is so different from the previous version that I mistakenly wasn’t actually even signed up for any classes after I thought I was. A few days after allegedly registering, I went back to check my schedule and it said I wasn’t actually enrolled for any classes. After some digging I found out that simply “adding” a class wasn’t enough and that each added class needed to also be validated and then enrolled. If I hadn’t gone back to check my schedule I don’t know when I would have found out I wasn’t actually signed up for Fall classes! Close one.

So, I’m taking a few classes. I don’t need many credits, just taking out my core classes. Calculus is required, I still need 1 credit of humanities and 5 credits of Natural Science (which I was hoping to put into this semester, but wasn’t able to because of time conflicts). After that, it’s all CS courses.

The other thing for you today is a movie. I forgot I had watched this, but I really enjoyed it:


Sideways. This got mostly good reviews so I gave it a watch. I liked it a lot. It started off pretty strong and continued to get better throughout. This movie has a lot of charm and a lot of funny moments.


It’s a self-proclaimed comedy, but I wouldn’t really call it that. It’s like a comedy the same way Little Miss Sunshine is a comedy. It’s really a Slice of Life with some humor mixed in. If you don’t know Little Miss Sunshine, I’m not really sure what else to compare it to. But you should probably see Little Miss Sunshine, though. Also, see Sideways while you’re at it.

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