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Updates From America

Posted on Tuesday August 18, 2009 at 12:35am in ,

I’m back in America, getting all settled in and ready for school to start. I don’t have any job right now, so I’m mostly just selling stuff on ebay and catching up with friends. I’ve also been looking around for a new car.

Here are the new movies…


Updates From America

Was very amusing. I laughed a lot. It was made by the same guy that made Borat and it definitely had the same spirit. I really enjoyed both of the films. Bruno isn’t quite as good as Borat, and it’s pretty short, but definitely worth a watch.

District 9.

Updates From America

I went and saw this with Bryan and Mike on opening night. It was a refreshing expedition from the conventional movie. It was the most original movie I’d seen in a while, good to see filmmakers taking risks. It was a strange combination of humor and seriousness, but in the end I really enjoyed the movie. I’m pretty sure there will be a sequel for this. Great characters, great actors, great story.

The Life of David Gale.

Really good. I like Kevin Spacey a lot, this was good from beginning to end. I recommend it!

Tokyo Sonata.

Interesting, but a little too long. I wouldn’t really recommend it because it’s pretty average. It’s about a Japanese family that starts to fall apart when the father loses his job.

I got this new watch.

In other news I am thinking about taking the JLPT level 2 test. I’ve been reading about it and looking at the sample questions. It looks pretty difficult, but I think I could do it with some studying. The certification could be pretty useful someday. It costs $50 to take and is held on December 6th in Chicago.

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