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Nagasaki Eclipse, Important News

Posted on Sunday July 26, 2009 at 1:15am in ,

Here are some shots of the eclipse from a few days ago, as seen from Nagasaki:

Nagasaki Eclipse

Nagasaki Eclipse

Nagasaki Eclipse

And now for some important news:

The rest of the semester has been canceled because of swine flu. That means I am done with classes for the semester and have my last week in Japan off. In a little under a week, I will be back in America. It’s strange – I never thought that the day when I would go to Nagasaki to study abroad would ever come, let alone end. The news that school is canceled came at about the same time that the internet in my apartment went out… so now I have no school to go to and nothing to do while at home.

Because of the lack of internet, this will probably be the last post for me before going back to America. Don’t worry though, I will post pictures and stories from my last week in Japan when I get back to America if this is the case.


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