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Terminator Salvation, Other Stuff and Things...

Posted on Sunday June 07, 2009 at 10:20am in ,

Time for an update. Here’s what’s been going on lately:

First… I moved into my new host family’s place. This is old news, but I guess I haven’t really commented on it yet. I don’t ever speak to the family except for at dinner since they host 3 other students and we live in a separate area. Nate and I live together in the apartment, separate from the host family’s house. This is quite a change from my last living arrangement, but I like it. It’s better in some days, not so good in other ways. On the plus side, I now live in the city – a few minute’s walk from anything. Very convenient. On the negative, now I don’t get that constant Japanese practice that I had come accustomed to from my last family.

Here are some photos I shot of the new place after I moved in.

Terminator 4
Entry way. As typical of all Japanese residencies, shoes off at the door. Shower on the left side of the photo.

Terminator 4
Kitchen, sitting area.

Terminator 4
My room.

Terminator 4
Nate’s room is through the door here.

So, this is my new place.

What else…

Oh yes, last weekend when we did our presentation about America, we met a girl named Asami who was the daughter of the person who organized the event. I got her number and invited to hang out with us this weekend. So on Saturday we all met up and went to Monkey Wrench for dinner. After that, we caught a pre-screening of Terminator Salvation (Doesn’t come out until June 13th in Japan officially).

Terminator 4
Terminator Salvation.

Larry warned me about this movie before I saw it. “Worst of the series, no advancement of the story,” Larry said. Well, I am happy to say I didn’t feel that way at all about this movie. I thought it was a very great movie! Christian Bale made a splendid John Connor, he seemed to just fit right into the character seamlessly. The story may not have “advanced” much … per say … But, it was a very enjoyable story with a lot of intense moments. It shows the unfolding of crucial events which had been discussed but not detailed in the previous movies.

While this movie wasn’t exactly necessary to the series, even when looking at it with a critical eye it was very good. The characters of Marcus Right and Kyle Reeves were also very interesting and made for a great Terminator installment. I don’t think that they’ve dropped the ball on this series yet. While I doubt it will ever achieve the greatness that was Terminator 2 again, I think that each installment since has been a solid movie and a winner in its own right.

Asami, George and Nate also really liked it. Movies in Japan are about twice as expensive in America, so we have been trying to choose our movies carefully. I’m glad I saw this one, though.


Today was Sunday. I woke up, took a shower, went and got some food at the supermart for lunch, and then arranged a date with Asami for the evening. I met up with George and we went and refilled our phones minutes, then I brought him back to the apartment to have a look at the place. We ended up watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels as well, but I don’t really have anything in particular to say about that.

When the movie ended I went to meet Asami for our date which was a lot of fun. Turns out we’ll be going out again Friday.

What else…

Oh yeah, here’s some more Engrish I found:

Terminator 4
Indecipherable. Thanks to Shoko for modeling this for me.

Terminator 4
You get the idea by now. Thanks to Hiro for modeling this for me.

So, I think that about covers it. Some things I am looking forward to include: going out with Asami on Friday, the beach party on Saturday, the atomic bomb survivor speech also on Saturday, and my cousin Mariel is coming on the 20th! Very exciting stuff.

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