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Golden Week Day Four (Osaka)

Posted on Friday May 08, 2009 at 8:42am in ,

Because of the late start from yesterday’s late night, today was a shorter day. We mostly just walked around the city and bought souvenirs for our families and friends. I found some more engrish walking to town:

Golden Week Day 4
Yes! I’m Hero! I also loved the creepy flowers to the left. There were a lot of strange paintings like this in the area.

George and I stopped at a game center and played some games. Everyone there is so crazy good at games it’s scary. We stared for a good 30 minutes at game geniuses before we finally managed to leave.

We went back to the hotel fairly early and relaxed for a while after shopping. For dinner we went to a nearby ramen shop and then went to do a little more shopping. I got a good shot of the tower:

Golden Week Day 4

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