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Nagayo Party

Posted on Monday April 20, 2009 at 9:52am in ,

Note- I’ve posted some high-resolution versions of the following photos from the peace park on my Deviant Art account: Fountain, Statue, Fly. Enjoy.

Today was a rainy and windy Monday. I woke up early to reserve the night bus tickets for my Osaka trip during Golden Week. Both my Osaka and Okinawa trips are all finalized. I’ll be going to see Bryan during Golden Week and then going to Okinawa shortly after that on the 15th of May. Exciting! After the bus was reserved, I took a shower and got ready to go. I left an hour early so that I could walk to the city hall and get my Alien Registration Card. I got there with just enough time to get my card and make it to my bus stop for class. I got my card, so now I don’t have to carry around my passport anymore!

I got to school and walked up to the 4th floor for my first and last class of the day, Japanese. But as it turns out I didn’t even get to take that class because our professor never showed up. After 30 mins, class was declared canceled and we all left. I didn’t even need to show up for today! I took the next bus home because I had plans with my host family. My family liked the smores so much they had me make them for the city council meeting / get-together. We took a taxi from home and brought the ingredients with us. There, we made a ton of smores together:

Yuuna and Nozomi were very good at it.

Making smores.

お疲れ、 Team!

It took about an hour to make all of our smores, but they turned out pretty good. We went downstairs and put our food with the other peoples’. At this get together, people from different countries can contribute a trademark food or snack from their country. Then, after the meeting, everyone eats and talks together. Something like smores may seem too simple and not really anything special, but most Japanese people have never even heard of them and they seem to really like them.

Nozomi was bored, hungry, and wanted to play DS at the long meeting.

Yuuna was content.

After the meeting everyone socialized and introduced their snack. I explained smores and then people ate. The smores were a big hit! There were no left overs at all…

Some food at the party.

Tami came too and we went around meeting interesting people. There were a lot of cool people to talk, too. We found some people from other universities that also came from Wisconsin.

Lots of people.


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