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Going Away Party

Posted on Sunday March 22, 2009 at 7:06pm in ,

I am going away! To celebrate I had a party with a few friends on Thursday. We got together at my house, ordered pizza and played Rock Band. It was small but a good party. On Saturday my parents hosted a party as well for relatives. A lot of people came, but some couldn’t sadly… It’s okay though – they were with us in spirit!

We ate, played ping pong, talked, and talked some more. It was a good party.

Me with Emily and Brian

Aunt, Uncle, Cousin

I was very tired after the party though. Kathy and Andy showed up later to pick up their dog we were taking care of over Spring Break (and to wish me safe travels).

Today I woke up really late and went shopping with Mom to get a bunch of outfits to bring to Japan. I also got some sunglasses. Gonna need those. There isn’t a whole lot left to do before I leave other than pack. I have all of my documents gathered already. I of course need to get a bunch of money converted into yen, still… Only 1 week to go! 7 days!

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