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New Guitar, Zack and Miri

Posted on Monday March 16, 2009 at 10:03pm in ,

Before I begin, I’d like to share a funny clip that I found online. Watch Stephen Colbert engage in dance battle with his ultimate rival, Rain:

Stephen Colbert vs Rain – Dance Off
Uploaded by stephencolbert

Ok, let’s start with the weekend. On Saturday I went to guitar lessons and realized as I was getting there that somehow I was an hour late. Figured I’d go and pick up Larry’s guitar from Glen, though. He finished doing work on it and then I got to play anyways. I had a different playing partner, since the time slot was later. We wrote two riffs and some solos – it was fun. I went over to Larry’s after lessons to pay for the guitar (decided to get it).

We took some photos of me with it to photoshop into a funny picture…

New Guitar

That was just a test pose, this was the finished product…

I'm on a Whale
Gonna sail this whale to the moon somehow…

We’ve been talking about photoshopping that for a while, and finally got around to it. The inspiration from this came mostly from this video (warning: explicit lyrics). Replace every instance of “boat” with “whale” and you’ll see the simple brilliance behind it.

Then, Sunday…

Nothing happened all day until Kayla called and then we met at Racy’s. Larry showed up a little later and we walked around Water Street to enjoy the suddenly warm weather (Spring finally showed itself). We eventually decided to go get a movie and watch it at Larry’s house. The movie we ended up with after a good forty-five minutes of debating was: Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Zack and Miri

Which was pretty okay. Every now and then a low-brow Seth Rogen film makes perfect sense. There were a lot of famous faces in this film including: Justin Long, Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob), the guy that plays Randall from Clerks, and a lot of other really famous people I don’t know the names of and am too lazy to look them up. The talent is good, the script is average. Introduction, conflict-resolution. roll credits.

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