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Shabu Shabu Time

Posted on Friday February 06, 2009 at 12:29am in

Another large amount of time has passed since my last post. But, I have several good things to share! Firstly, I am very happy to present Blog Review Online Version 2. Newly revamped and redesigned!

International travel: My trip is getting closer and closer. Today I mailed my Visa documents and it is time to buy my plane ticket. Still hard to believe I’m going to be in Japan for five months. Ahhh… Hard to imagine.

Here’s something funny that my boss at the Web Development Office showed me the other day. It’s a mix of two Nickelback songs playing simultaneously. The songs are “Someday” and “How You Remind Me” and when you listen to them at the same time you can see how unbelievably similar they are. They’re practically the same song. So enjoy: Nickelback rips off their own music.

Today we had a Shabu Shabu get together for JCS. Larry, Kayla and I went shopping for supplies on Tuesday. All in all, I spent about 60 dollars on food for twenty people. Number of people that showed up: five. We had so much left over it was sad. I was disappointed, I think everyone else was too. Either no one got the word that we were having a meeting or everyone was too busy. Although we had a lousy turnout, the few of us that did show up had fun.

On the 21st we’re getting together again for some JCS bowling. After the Shabu Shabu, Larry and I went to Mike’s dorm and we played guitar for an hour or two. We couldn’t really form a cohesive sound, but it was pretty fun. Oh, and happy February.

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