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Did You Remember to Thank Your Givings?

Posted on Saturday November 29, 2008 at 12:57am in ,

Alternate Title: Thanksgiving 2008

First, some blogely news… I have added a plethora of new photos, ten albums (including the huge Japan Trip album). So, feel free to take a look! The remaining nine albums will be added in the next few days. An RSS feed has been added (see upper right column). The archive list has been truncated – now when you click on a month the posts from that month will appear below it. Let’s see… oh, and the comments. You’ll notice that at the end of a post it’ll have the option to leave a comment (but this feature doesn’t work yet). I hope to have this problem solved soon.

Now, a movie. 1408:

Watched this on Wednesday. Mostly I really hate Stephen King movies. I like his writing a lot, but his movie adaptations are consistently awful. I think it’s because he’s usually involved in the production of the films and he is not a film-maker…he’s a writer. This seems to mess up the process. In the case of 1408, Stephen King was not involved at all. He wrote the short story that the film was based on and that was it. The short story was great. The movie was also very good. It was a great rendition of the story with great actors and a good screenplay. Recommended.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving! It was pretty much the same as any other Thanksgiving we’ve celebrated. No unexpected twists or turns. We went and visited Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Fred, ate with our cousins and friends, ate, and slept. Then, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s, ate with our cousins and friends, ate, and slept.

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