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Finals Week

Posted on Wednesday January 24, 2007 at 1:00am in

So, finals are …“finally” upon us. The first semester of my senior year in high school is coming to and end and with it, a whole slew of difficult tests before me. The good news, I got the stuff I was really worried about out of the way first. I am a bit worried for the AP Lit/Comp test tomorrow first hour, because I have no idea what will be on it… I was mostly worried about the Japanese interview and a band playing test. I don’t know why I was worried about the band thing, my grade will be an A no matter how I score on the test, and I don’t even want a high chair position…so…I guess I was just scared to have to play it in front of the teacher and enduring ridicule / practicing lectures if I didn’t do well. Jamie, the first chair trumpet helped me out a bit though…actually, quite a bit. Before I didn’t understand how to play it at all, but now I can play it pretty well, and got a decent score. After that, I had to do a Kanji test in Japanese class which I got a 25.5 out of 3o on…another B. Seems like no matter what I do for Japanese I am cursed to get only B’s. I have 100% homework completion, too! My frustration with Japanese has been mounting lately, mostly due to my girlfriend’s vast understanding of the language and my meager in comparison understanding. It’s no doubt that my skills are far inferior to her abilities with Japanese, but I’ve always had interest in it. I want to do good, but maybe my efforts aren’t enough. After the Kanji test, I had to do an interview with the teacher. She gave us a sheet of questions she would ask, yet she doesn’t stick to the sheet. She kinda roamed around, prancing delicately to and fro around her native language while I gave a blank stare. Good news is, I could understand what she was asking me…I just couldn’t form a coherent response in the correct language in such a short time, and therefore I found myself resorting to using a lot of English… which wasn’t such a good thing. I pulled out with a 24/30, though… Anyway, the hard part’s over as far as I’m concerned. The thing I’m looking forward to is having an hour and 15 minute extended lunch. Veronica, Bryan, Tommy, and me are going to Great Wall Buffet tomorrow. Yum. Oh and I have an article review for AP Psychology on Emotions due Friday…not really sure what to write about it yet. And I work tomorrow, so…Not sure what to do about that. Speaking of Psychology, I really like it. It’s one of my favorite subjects and what I plan to study in college. Avast, I am getting only a B+ this quarter (88%, which is 2% away from an A). Granted, it’s a percent higher than last quarter, but I can pull it to an A if I turn in extra credit tomorrow before school gets out. Well, anyway, that’s enough of me being boring for the time being…



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