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I sometimes find that naming the post is the best part.

Posted on Sunday January 28, 2007 at 1:00am in

Well, Finals week is over. And, Finals weekend is also coming to an end. I got an A on my Psychology final, but did terrible on my math final. I got a C for Japanese Final (grammar portion)… sigh Oh well. On Friday there was a pep game for band that I had to go to, and Veronica came with. We hung out that night, as kind of a celebration of finals being over. [Sidenote: That shirt I’m wearing Veronica made me in her print class.] It was our friend, Monica’s 18th birthday yesterday! We went to her birthday gathering at Pizza Del Ray, and I got her Pulp Fiction:

She’s never seen it, can you believe it? What a classic! And then I had to work… I have to work today too. Joy…

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