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Valentine's Day!

Posted on Wednesday February 14, 2007 at 1:00am in ,

Today was Valentine’s Day, and me and Veronica’s 3rd month anniversary. I woke up, sleepy, and went to school a bit early because I wanted to bring her some bagels I got her at work last night. It was a good day at school, most of the classes gave out candy and stuff. She made a bunch of cookies (a bag for me, a bag for her grammar teacher, and 2 bags for the Japanese IV Class). This is my first Valentine’s Day actually getting to spend with someone, and it was a lot of fun. At lunch we went to Culver’s and I just had a shake. We ate light so that we could go out to dinner after school (saw my mom eating with my sister there, and they payed for our food…yay!) After school, we went back to her house and exchanged gifts. I got her a collar with a bell to wear as a choker, and a cute shirt with a kitten on it. I think she liked them. She made me this:

She’s had it for a long time. It’s a jar full of stars folded from fancy stationary which she folded herself. She put some candy in there as well and gave it to me (awww) Oh, and also…she stayed up all last night weaving me a necklace which she also put in there…how sweet ;). The stars in that jar are really cool, all of them are perfectly shaped and surprisingly durable. After gift exchange, we went to the bank to cash the check her brother left her (for shopping) and then to pick my sister up from school. She actually got to drive me around for a change too, since her brother is back in Hong Kong and she gets the car now. We had reservations at TGIFridays for 5:15 and we had dinner there. I haven’t been to Friday’s in a while, so it was a pretty enjoyable experience. She loved the steak, and I loved the delicious cheeseburger xD.

After dinner, we went shopping for her weekly groceries, and now we have plenty to eat for the week… I came home at 10 and my parents gave me a card and candy, too. I just wish we didn’t have school tomorrow, and not to mention all this homework…



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