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Renaissance Fair 2007

Posted on Thursday April 12, 2007 at 1:00am in

Every year, South Middle School (the school Veronica and me attended) holds a gigantic event called the Renaissance Fair. This year, Veronica and me were the representatives for the MHS Japanese Studies booth, and we had a pretty nice setup:

Basically, I wrote peoples’ names in Japanese for them, and Veronica folded Origami. We had snacks, ect and we even got free food and Renaissance T-shirts for participating. Woo! Unfortunately, me and Veronica had a little bout early on in the night and so we didn’t really have the most…interactive night. After we finished our shift at the booth, we went around the fair, and we went and saw the cute animals at the animal shelter:

And tomorrow we get to go to Shanghai Bistro for Japanese Class, sweet! Oh and a prom update: Bryan is going – and he’s bringing Mya! We’re all gonna go together.

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