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Guild Wars (Day One)

Posted on Wednesday April 25, 2007 at 1:00am in

Veronica and me started playing Guild Wars last night. We had been talking about getting the game for a while since the online play was free and we’d both be newbies. So, after running a bunch of errands on Tuesday (paycheck, bank, pick up Mackenzie, get stamps, get prom corsage…) we picked up the game at Best Buy. Installed it and got right in, really easy and simple. She is a ranger/monk and I am a warrior/monk. I’m still planning to experiment a little with the different classes, but the main one I want is Assassin which is in the Factions expansion. We did a bunch of quests and got to level 4 (max level is 20.) Fun game! And, you can set it to play in Japanese, too…

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