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Project:BAM! Website

Posted on Friday May 11, 2007 at 1:00am in

As you may know already, I was appointed to design the website for Project:BAM! newspaper. Issue 4 was just released, and with it, the website is now out!

Check it out, I’m pretty proud of this website. Add that and the econ website to my webdesign portfolio! I’ve designed other websites in the past – including my own and one for Rising Star Stables – which is no longer up. I’ve designed my old blog layouts in the past, too…So then why didn’t I design one for this blog? Answer: It’s difficult designing a site for myself – I never know what to make it look like. If I’m designing for other purposes, I find it easier. Also, I really like this look – and…I have no webspace to actually put a custom design.

Aside from all the webdesign business, I got my haircut yesterday. Veronica came with and afterwards we finished watching Thank You For Smoking. Amazing movie! It’s just very entertaining, and interesting to watch. Most of my fun came from watching the hero talk his way out of trouble. In other news, I’ve been wanting a Scion sedan for my second car. I’ve been looking into it, and I could have it by the end of the summer if I’m lucky. That would be nice. This car I have right now won’t last much longer.

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