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Senior Band Cookout @ Dasher's

Posted on Monday May 21, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was the (7th annual) Senior Band Cookout at Mr. Dasher’s house. Pretty much every band senior was there, and we even smuggled Veronica in. No one cared, but oh well – she drove and bought the snacks so she probably deserved to eat the free food more than I did.

Veronica leaps to avoid a picture, but fails. Close one, Veronica. Close one.

Mr. Dasher fired up his gigantic inferno grill and cooked about 30 burgers/brots/hot dogs simultaneously to feed a large group of hungry seniors. It was great. The food was really good, the place was cool, and it was just fun to hang out with Mr. Dasher. He really is a great teacher, and an awesome band director. I’ll really miss him when I leave Memorial.



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