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Graduation Party

Posted on Saturday June 02, 2007 at 1:00am in

The graduation ceremony went well, actually a lot shorter than I thought. Veronica and me were up until 3:15 this morning making sushi for my graduation party today (and no one even got past the first platter…sigh) Oh well…At least people really enjoyed it. The party was great – there were cars lined up all down the street.

It feels weird to finally have a graduation party of my own. It’s so … extravagant. … And no one recognizes anyone.

Mom and Dad made a really good video for me about me growing up (and I got to pick the music). The food was really good, and there was lots of it! I wrote my own fortune cookie messages and that was really cool, I liked watching people open them. We set up a badminton net and had lots of fun playing that, and later on we played Frisbee when Colin showed up.

Oh, and I made my first eBay sell today! I sold my PSP! I made 253 dollars after all fees – isn’t that great? All in all, the party was really fun, and it ended with a nice thunderstorm (I love those.) Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday and I have 2 more graduation parties to go to (Bryan and Kevin – conveniently, Kevin’s starts right after Bryan’s ends.)



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