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In Japan!

Posted on Monday June 11, 2007 at 1:00am in

Wow, I made it. I have a lot to say, but so little energy to say it. I’d like to post pictures, but I forgot my USB cable for my camera at home. Tomorrow I’ll look for one and hopefully post some pictures tomorrow. It’s about 9pm over here and 7am yesterday morning back at home. I’ll get through what I can… The roads are very small. The flight was very long. I’m taking lots of pictures. Also, I’m keeping a hard-copy journal. Actually, how about I just write that up from last night’s entry:

First day in Japan – the flight was very long and the in flight movies weren’t very good. I haven’t even heard of any of them. When we got to the airport, we exchanged our USD for Yen. I have about 80,000 Yen now. Already I’m pretty impressed with the efficiency and convenience of Japan. Everything is clean, automatic, works, lots of plant life, very narrow roads…ect. We took a bus from the airport to a train station. The ride was two hours and we were all very tired. I didn’t really sleep on the flight like I had planned. From the station I got a phone card but no idea how it works. Also, I got this notebook, this pen, and a Mountain Dew [Maximum Air], which tastes like… ‘fluffy’ mountain dew. The train ride to our host families took another 40 minutes. So far the food is very good, and everyone is very friendly. Also, the TV shows are very entertaining. We met our host families and separated paths. I went with my first host family, a Dad and a Mom. They’re car/house is very fancy. Quite high tech. The Dad’s hobby is ‘drinking sake’ and the Mom’s is talking with her daughters on the phone, and hanging out with friends. As expected, my family is very accomodating and can even speak some english. Communication isn’t a problem. I took a bath and layed down in my room – the bathrooms are very neat. Hope to post pictures of them soon… I’m very tired though,a nd my head is still dizzy from the plane so I should go to sleep now. Have to get up at 8am for the daruma factory tomorrow. And of course, I have my safety pig from Veronica :)


I’ll just write about today’s adventuers tomorrow as I am very tired… and It’s only 9:20. Wow.



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