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Hakuyo High School - Yokohama

Posted on Friday June 15, 2007 at 1:00am in

Hakuyo High School 高校
Note that an error in which the pictures in the previous post were incorrectly linked has been fixed.

My new host family is very nice. When I first met Reiko-chan she was asking me all these questions about what kind of food I liked, and what I didn’t know was that she was emailing it all to her mom at home via her cellphone. So, when I got to their house, there was a perfect meal waiting! The grapefruit and kiwi is sooo good here, by the way. I didn’t really care for grapefruit in America, but this grapefruit is very tasty. Today I went to high school with Reiko and hand delivered my last pen pal letter to my penpal. It was very fun. My host mom packed a traditional obento for lunch (like lunchbox in America). Before class, there was a faculty meeting where Sarah made a speech in Japanese. Then, classes began. The periods last longer there, about an hour and 5 minutes. First hour we did calligraphy and we made fans – mine says ice in kanji, or 氷(こおり) I thought it was a good kanji for a fan. Here’s 安全のぶた with my fan:
After calligraphy we went to an English class with my host sister, Reiko-chan in it:

Very interesting class, learning English in Japanese. Next, computer class (they were learning to program, very advanced stuff) and then gym. After that, it was World History:

Reiko’s desk:

And then lunch. Lunch was very good – chicken, sausage, bread, kiwi, potato… Actually, that sounds like kind of a strange meal when it’s all listed like that. But, I guess that’s Japan. Mix and match meals. This is lunch time; host sister and her friends. Mine’s the one giving the peace sign:

Just kidding. Mine is the on the right side, second to last person. The farthest ride is Shoko, Emily’s host sister and Reiko’s good friend. After classes, we attended Tea Ceremony Club, which is a traditional club where girls learn how to do chinese tea ceremonies. We all learned a little bit about it, but it takes about 6 months to master that method of ceremony.

After school, we went to print club. Print club is like a photo booth, only super girly. I don’t know of any guys that do print club. Anyway… Emily, Reiko, and Shoko took me to Print Club and well, this is what happened:

You can choose 6 photos that you took and edit them. This is the one that I made, Enjoy:

After print clubbing, we went to Mister Donut…A very tasty donut shop to get dessert. After supper, we ate them and then watched Reiko’s favorite TV show, Music Station. Then, we all played DS together. They all loved Bomberman and I really liked Mario Cart, which I hadn’t played on the DS yet. Very fun. Tomorrow is a free day with this host family, so we get to sleep in a bit and then go out. I think, Wallet shopping, then Chinatown, and a museum is on the agenda.



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