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1,188 Pictures is 1,188,000 Words

Posted on Wednesday June 27, 2007 at 1:00am in ,

Well I’m back in America now. I arrived on June 25th at 12:30pm Central Time. I just finished uploading ALL of the photos I took in Japan, yes all 1,188 of them to Sendspace.com They’re now available for download, separated by day. Enjoy!

UPDATE: None of these albums are available for download anymore, but you can view all of the pictures in the photo gallery.

My Apologies: Full Photo Albums No Longer Available for Download.

Download June 9th, Flying Out Pictures (39MB)

Download June 10th, Arrival in Japan (33MB)

Download June 11th, Daruma Factory and Sushi Restaurant (82MB)

Download June 12th, Elementary School (103MB)

Download June 13th, Imperial Palace / Tokyo Nightlife(199MB)

Download June 14th, Meji Shrine / Harajuku / Shibuya (117MB)

Download June 15th, Hakuyo High School – Yokohama (70MB)

Download June 16th, Yokohama City (149MB)

Download June 17th, Shinkansen (Bullet-Train) (29MB)

Download June 18th, Oosaka Castle / Nara (192MB)

Download June 19th, Meditation / Kyoto (107MB)

Download June 20th, Free Day in Kyoto (56MB)

Download June 21st, Hiroshima Peace Park / Miyajima / Akihabara (232MB)

Download June 22nd, Capsule Hotel / Karaoke (108MB)

Download June 23rd, American Street (29MB)

Download June 24th, Homestay (35MB)

Download June 25th, Last Day – Flying Home (21MB)

That’s all of them. That only took forever to upload… Oh, and I had my orientation for UWEC Yesterday and got my blugold card!
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