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Safe Travels, Veronica

Posted on Monday July 16, 2007 at 1:00am in

Veronica leaves for Hong Kong today. She leaves at 6am, and I just got back from her apartment for the last time. When she gets back from Hong Kong on August 29th, her brother will have cleaned out the place and moved it to her new home at her host family’s house. I’m going to miss her while she’s gone, and I’ll miss the apartment, too. Lots of good memories there. Hopefully we will have many good memories at the new place as well. As a going-away gift, I got her a pink-pig like the one she got me, only hers was handmade. I can’t make things… And I got her a travel stone. Today, I went over to her house and she got ready to go a little bit. Then, we went to get vitamins for her mom, and then out to Friday’s for dinner. We had a big meal, and it was really good. The picture above was from Friday’s. Friday’s is really good. Really good food at Friday’s… Well, the good news is, she’ll have internet in Hong Kong so we won’t be out of touch. I just look forward to the day she gets back. To Veronica, have a fun and safe trip.

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