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Japan Trip DVD Party

Posted on Saturday July 28, 2007 at 1:00am in ,

Emily, Anna, and Sarah

Sensei and Darryl had the Japan Trip DVD Party today for all of the people who went on the trip to come over to their house and watch the trip DVD. Our DVD was just under 3 hours long, so it was quite the DVD. It turned out really well, Bryan made most of it, with my help and Larry’s help. I drove with Bryan and Sensei was very happy to see us again. Emily gave her our gift that we bought her, a $90 spa pass. There was pizza and fruit there, we ate and sat down in their nice house (first time seeing the inside for me) and watched the trip together.

Bryan models Jay’s lovely brass knuckles which got him stopped at airport security on the return flight. Sensei took them to her house so Jay could go home.

Kevin and I

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