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Job Interview + Moving

Posted on Tuesday August 28, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was a long day… First, I woke up at 9 to bring Mackenzie to dance lessons. After dropping her off and coming home, Veronica came over to pick me up so I could come with and get her school ID and schedule. We went to the dance studio to pick Mackenzie up and played DS against each other on our new games (which are amazing) while we waited. We got Mackenzie and came home, then she left to go move stuff from her apartment to her new house. I then got ready for my interview at Waldenbooks. It would be really cool if I got this job, in fact I think the interview went really well. Wish me luck! I saw Kevin on my way, and he said that it was Tami’s last day at Panera and I should stop by and say something. Tami was a manager at Panera, one of my favorite. I’ll miss her! She gave me some of her ‘going-away cake and ice-cream’ and then I came home. Dad was waiting with Mackenzie for me to get home so that we could go get my books for school. We went to UWEC, but the shop was just closing as we got there. Better luck next time. We did however, get my parking pass for the year. After that, we went to pick up Mom from work, and then ordered Topper’s Pizza for supper (my favorite). Bryan called sometime after eating and asked if I could come to Tommy’s house to hang out with him and Tommy. I said I didn’t know, Veronica also wanted me to help move stuff. But, after I decided to go to Tommy’s, they said they were gonna go to Sam’s Club – so I went to help move stuff at Veronica’s place. Her mom was very grateful for the help and bought me a full tank of gas for my car. We moved a ton of stuff over there, although it really takes a lot longer than I thought… Two trips took us two and a half hours of straight packing, driving and unpacking. Pretty crazy. I’m sure they were glad to have me as it would have taken the same amount of time if not more to get about half of what we got done accomplished. It would be better if we had a few more people, actually – but I think we can get it all moved out in time. After moving some stuff, it got late and her host family went to bed. Then, we decided to go over to Tommy’s since Bryan was still there. We showed Bryan our new DS games and played them with him – much to his enjoyment. Around 1, we finally came home. What a day! And tomorrow, I get to do it all again.

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