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Moving Out

Posted on Thursday August 30, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was the big move out day. I got all settled into my new dorm at UWEC – Katharine Thomas room 223. Dad and I in the morning, packing up the last of my stuff.

Around campus.

Bryan and Tommy finished moving in way ahead of me. Here’s Bryan in their room, next to his shuttle PC.

Across the river is my hall, KT. And on the hill on the right you can see the letters UWEC shaped in the greenery.

From the back, this is my room. There’s a fan in the window that puts out a very nice breeze.

And now, the finished product:

My roomate’s name is Ben, he’s from northern Wisconsin and seems pretty nice. The last picture is of his side of the room. I think it turned out pretty nice, don’t you? Mostly spent the day moving in with Mom and Dad, went out to El Patio for lunch, and then finished setting up the rest myself. It didn’t take too long: about 15 minutes unloading, maybe 2 hours of setting up. Veronica stopped by with her mom and got to see it all set up, and then Mackenzie and Mom showed up too. They wanted to get something at the bookstore, but it was way too busy, and by the time we got there it was closed. They’re pretty strict about that 4:30 closing time. Tomorrow: Phase II Orientation all day.

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