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First Weekend After Classes & Senior Photos

Posted on Sunday September 09, 2007 at 1:00am in

First weekend after classes at UWEC was great. I love college weekends. After class on Friday, the weekend started right away – Bryan and I hopped on the city bus and found our way to Memorial. We got there about 2:30, went to Sensei’s room and talked to her for a while until school got out. Then, Veronica came down to the classroom and talked for a bit, too. On the way to seeing Neville, I saw Mr. Dasher – I miss Mr. Dasher. Then, we talked to Neville who of course missed us. We all split up after that. I went to eat dinner with my parents, Bryan went to Carrie’s house, Veronica went to eat dinner with her host family. After dinner, Veronica and I met up again and we rented Austin Powers 2, then did some shopping for my dorm/school. We watched Austin Powers 2 when we got back and she liked it a lot more than the first one. Told her so. The next day, Saturday, I went and dropped the movie off at blockbuster, and got Veronica. We went over to Bryan’s dorm and had a pizza party – ordered pizza from Jeff and Jim’s on Water St. while watching episodes of The Office on Tommy’s computer. Today, I came home and did laundry. Then, Veronica met us at Phoenix Park so that my mom and I could take her senior pictures for her which are due tomorrow. They turned out great. We got over 100 shots, and out of those we picked two – which I touched up in Photoshop, and from that we got this final one to use for the yearbook:

Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? They were all pretty good, kinda hard to choose. After doing the pics, we met up with Bryan at a cookout behind Putnam. We ate, talked, and came back to the dorm. Bryan left to do some homework, I went home with Veronica and got my laundry. Came back to the dorms and that was the weekend. Felt pretty long – very good weekend.

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