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Posted on Monday October 01, 2007 at 1:00am in

To finally cross off ‘find a job’ on my checklist. Yep, I got a call today at noon from a company called Vector that I applied to over the weekend. They wanted to set up an interview and so we made it for 5pm today. So, after classes, I drove over to Vector which is downtown and did a short screening interview, then went to a room full of other applicants and attended a one hour group interview. After that, we had individual interviews. I was pretty nervous since the company is so selected, I didn’t really think I’d get it. Now I’m an official high-end cutlery salesman. So, if you want some knives, just ask me! I have training all weekend. And the pay is great: I’ll make 12 dollars an hour or 10% commission (whichever is higher).

After that I got home to find that we now have a PS3 in our dorm. Looks like October is getting off to a good start:

Ben bid on the PS3 on a whim and went to class. When he came back from class he found out he had won! He got a good price on it too. I didn’t have much time to enjoy that though because I had to take off to a forum at Zorn Arena for Psychology Class. We all went to see this girl:

Recognize her? It’s Jodie Sweetin! Better known as Stephanie Tanner from Full House. She came to talk about how she’s a recovering drug addict. It was kind of boring, and she sounded like she has no willpower whatsoever. She took drugs, stopped and vowed never to take them again, then quit and vowed again, ect, repeat until alcohol poisoning and overdose, enters rehab, reformed…? Maybe? Would have been better if it was Bob Saget. She says she still keeps in touch with him though. After that I went back to the dorms and played a little PS3. The PS3 is pretty amazing. Too bad we don’t have a hi-def TV to show all of the power.

Edit: by the way, the Horan Hall ping-pong tourney is October 9th at 9pm. I’m going to enter!
Edit 2: PS3 picture updated.

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