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Posted on Sunday January 13, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

At long last Friday came. I had been waiting for my processor which I ordered Monday night to arrive. It came right on time and I was very excited to finally get to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and RAM. Alas, the universe had other plans. More on that later – as I didn’t have the motherboard from Bryan yet I couldn’t do anything anyways. I waited for Bryan to come over, but he said he had to go to his brother’s show choir concert. I dropped off Mackenzie at a Basketball game she was dancing at and dropped by Bryan’s house on the way back. We had pizza and watched Hot Rod with his family again.

We grabbed the motherboard and went over to my house to begin the upgrading process. We unhooked my computer and brought it downstairs to the basement for a more proper operating table. We opened up the case and look at the inside. There would be no way the new motherboard could fit in it. Yes, my case is a Mid-Tower, but apparently E-Machines doesn’t like to stay industry standard with their case sizing. It’s incredibly small for a mid-tower and the motherboard already in there is a mini-board which I didn’t even notice when installing my graphics card. The universe doesn’t seem to want me to have this computer. First, I can’t upgrade the RAM, then I need the processor, now the motherboard doesn’t fit – and I’m losing Waldenbooks making it very difficult to make enough money to buy the rest of it…to use any of what I’ve already purchased.

The case for my new computer is $105 with shipping, the PSU is almost $80 with shipping, and the hard drive around $90. Those are the bare minimums I’d need to use any of what I have. That’s not even including a disk drive (I’d have to take out the one on the old PC and use that to install the OS). The PSU from this one I can’t use because it’s so weak it would probably overheat everything in the first few minutes of being active, and I have to have the hardrive I plan to use for the new computer to install the OS on – once it’s on a hardrive and motherboard it can’t be moved without buying a fresh copy.

I also don’t think the universe wants me to have a car either, actually – what with the wheels becoming misaligned causing it to shake all the time and all of the parking tickets ($190 worth so far – that would have been enough for most of what I need for the computer, actually).

Some good news: I got a free copy of Stranglehold with my processor. sure is super. However, Stranglehold, while it performs well on the 360 is so glitchy and broken on the PC that it’s almost unplayable. I couldn’t even change the resolution without it crashing, and even then the resolution stayed at 1024 × 768. So, I guess that wasn’t really good news after all.
Other good news: I finished reading The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs. A great read, highly recommended. It’s very funny, lots of touching moments, and very personal – the author isn’t even the same person as he was at the start of his biblical journey. It’s also a great cliff-notes version of the bible because of the fact that he had to read so many different versions of the bible along with books about the bible to ensure that he would get all the rules for his project right. This is also the same A.J. Jacobs who read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. All 33,000 pages of it. I bought the book he wrote about that one, too – It’s called The Know-It-All.

Anyway, big disappointment as far as the computer goes. We packed it back up and set aside all the parts for safe keeping. Bryan went home and I went over to Kevin’s house. He goes back to Minnesota next Saturday. While I was over there we decided to go to Sara’s “We Hate Panera” Party. A lot of people from Panera were there and it was fun. I miss seeing a lot of those people and apparently they missed me too.

Saturday. Bryan calls and it wakes me up. He’s finally up for seeing Juno. I meet him at the mall for lunch, then the movie. We’ve been looking forward to Juno without knowing much about it. It was very good. The whole movie just makes you smile, it’s funny, and very different. It’s a love story…kinda. It’s a very unorthodox one in the sense that nothing is clean cut, it’s all very complicated, and there’s many variables. It’s a lot like real life is. It’s like real life except for the weird lingo or dialect they use. Especially Juno’s character. I’m pretty sure no one actually talks like that on a regular basis. Strange dialog aside, it was a great movie – recommended to all. The actors were great – especially Ellen Page who played Juno (whom I haven’t heard of until this movie).

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