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Back in the Dorms

Posted on Saturday January 19, 2008 at 1:00am in

I’m back in the dorms now. I moved back Friday afternoon. Classes start again on Tuesday. It’s strange having such a long break, it feels like such a long time has passed since the last time I had class. I like this nice semester break they give us. Also, new blog layout is fully operational. It’s very nice, but no sooner after I made it did I see other layouts that looked nicer still. I may change it again to give it a little something more. It’s quite simple as it is, it may need more depth. More colors and tables, some sort of background. I dunno yet.
I start work at BITS Help Desk soon. I’ll be teaching people about software and making more than I did at Waldenbooks. But, I’ll miss Waldenbooks very much. Their last day is January 26th. In movie news:

Good Luck Chuck. I never understood the title. Where did Chuck come from? The main character’s name is Charlie and no one ever refers to him as Chuck in the movie. Is Good Luck Chuck some sort of saying I’ve never heard of?
The movie was good. The plot was completely ridiculous, probably the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard for an actual movie but it’s a comedy so whatever. It was funnier than I expected, I laughed a lot and that’s the way a comedy should be. It’s Dane Cook’s best movie to date. Employee of the Month was sadly formulaic and just not that funny. Good Luck Chuck was more of a relief. It gives Dane Cook movies new hope. Hopefully, Dane Cook will get to make more movies that are better than average. He’s a great comedian, but so far his acting career has been lackluster. I recommend this movie.

Full Metal Jacket. I assume everyone’s already seen this one. I’ve always been ‘that guy’ that’s never seen it. Until today. Since everyone’s supposedly seen it, I’ll just say what I thought. It’s funny, sad, and intense – in that order. It was pretty crazy and I see why it’s such a classic. The humor is dark most of the time and the war scenes are very engaging. One of the better war movies, and also one of the better comedies if you like that kind of humor.

That’s all for the movies. Today Bryan and I went to get our textbooks. Here’s this semester’s lineup:

I got lucky. All of my books were rentals. Except for one. See that tiny little brown book over there on the far right? That book for English class over there. Guess how much it cost.


For that tiny little book. If we don’t use that book a lot, I’m going to be upset.



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