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Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2008 at 1:00am in

↑Equilibrium turns a year old today. Happy birthday! Also, I had my first day of classes today. First was Japanese 202. Almost all of last year’s class was there. There were some missing faces and a few new faces, including Veronica. Class was fun, basically the same as 201 except in a different room. After Japanese was two hours of English 110. It was okay. The professor thinks tries to be funny, but she isn’t. I’ve never had a teacher that isn’t funny when they try to be – maybe she’s just trying to hard. Magan Dennis who just transfered to Eau Claire is in my English class.

After English I had lunch with Mike and Bryan. After that, Economics. Mike is in my economics class, along with Jayne who just transferred to Eau Claire. Funny thing is Mike, Jayne, and I were all in the same High School Econ class. I love our professor for Econ, I had heard rumors of her atrocious accent from many different people and was overjoyed when I found out I had her as my professor. It’s funny because her accent is about as heavy as it can get without it actually being a different language. She’s funny.

After class (Bryan, Mike and I all have Economics classes at 2 and get out at 3:15) we gathered together for library club (rescheduled to Tuesday this semester). I dropped off a sheet for BITS, returned my english textbook for a slightly cheaper ($41) used copy and also a few notebooks for classes. Then it was off to the library. None of my reservations were in. I got The Human Stain (adapted from the Michael Crichton book, I assume) and Vanilla Sky.

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