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Posted on Thursday February 21, 2008 at 1:00am in

I don’t understand it either, but it sure is hilarious. The Japanese text reads: Azu Club. Azu doesn’t mean anything as far as I know, all I know is that it’s written as a foreign word. Speaking of Japan – Mike, Bryan and I have been sending in applications for Study Abroad for the next spring semester. We’re aiming for Kansai/Gaidai on the main island near Tokyo at an international college. How amazing would it be to go to school in Japan? I have my interview with an international studies adviser on Tuesday. I must pass the interview to be eligible for the program, but I hear it’s very easy especially if you’ve already been to the host country before.

In other news, my first computer attempt tanked. Regrettable, but expected. I hadn’t gotten my hopes up too high for I must never forget how much the Universe hates me. This is not the first time it has thwarted my attempts to get my computer to work. It was kind of an ordeal, and it took almost two days to figure out what was actually wrong with it (during which time I had no computer to use). It’s the motherboard. That means, I won’t get to run the computer until I buy a motherboard, which means I won’t get to re-build it until March 13th, the day before Spring Break. [ This is the one I’ll be getting. ] Oh well, I did get my old computer working again, and I’m using my new hard-drive at least. It’s very fast.



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