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Bad News

Posted on Sunday March 09, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

I got declined for the Kansai Gaidai study abroad program. Bryan, on the other hand got accepted. The reason is my GPA which is too low for the program. Too many over-qualified people applied this year. I did however get accepted for the Nagasaki program – which is more expensive and not on the main island. So, we’ll see. I’ll have to think about either going on that one or waiting until next year. I just got this news yesterday.

In some good news, I finally got paid yesterday. Veronica came over and we went to the bank and around to other places to go grocery shopping and stuff. Then, Bryan and I went to the Japanese students’ (the ones from last Friday) going away party. It was fun, and it was at the Green Mill/Holiday Inn so we got free pizza and stuff. They seemed like they had a great time here and a lot of them go to Kansai Gaidai so hopefully we’ll be seeing them there!

This is a picture of the students. On the left there is Paul, the person who invited Bryan and I.

Ordered my motherboard and disk drive. Computer goes up on Wednesday!

Today I saw Be Kind Rewind with Veronica. It was okay, not as funny as I had hoped. They didn’t show enough of the actual movies they were recreating. It was alright. Not nearly as good as Paris, Je t’aime however. Bryan and I went and saw this at the Davie’s Center tonight and it was very enjoyable.

It’s a collection of 18 short stories from many famous directors and actors. Some of them were hilarious, some of them sad, some of them just strange. And it all takes place in Paris. There were so many memorable moments, I would definitely recommend this! Very good!

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