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Happy Spring Break

Posted on Friday March 21, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

It’s been Spring Break for a week now and it’s almost over. Not a whole lot’s happened. Mostly I’ve been working and watching movies.

I got this beta fish for Veronica for her birthday. She hasn’t been over in a while though so it’s living with me at the moment. She hasn’t named it so I’ve just been calling it Beta. Today was payday! I ordered a few more computer parts. It’s true what Bryan says I guess: “You’re never done building a computer.” Bryan picked me up after work and we went to get cash and then grocery shopping. After that, I went to a mega-church with Bryan’s family. It was highly unexciting. With a name like Mega-Church you’d think it would be more exciting than regular church. All we did was stations of the cross (this is what my church calls it, they called it something different though) which I’ve done about a million times.

New movies:

The Departed

Wow, this was a great movie. Jayne recommended this one too, I guess that makes her 2 out of 2 on recommendations. It was directed by the same guy that did Goodfellas which also won many awards. Very interesting and exciting, highly recommended, and the best ending I’ve seen in a movie so far.

Animal House:

I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while now. Everyone has seen it and everyone loves it so I figured it must be good. Bryan and I watched it. It was alright – kinda funny, mostly stupid. At the end all of the drunk party-goers get kicked out of their school for having extremely low GPA’s. Then, what do they do? Revenge of course. Further stupidity ensues, et cetera… What I don’t get is why pay the money to go to school for 7 years when they’re only doing what they could do without being in college and could do without having to fight for the right to do it (keep their fraternity alive). Not to mention college is expensive. This would make more sense if it was made as a satire of college students who exhibit this behavior, but it wasn’t really. It was made for people like that. Reach for the stars, I guess.



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