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Finals Week Semester 2

Posted on Saturday May 17, 2008 at 1:00am in

School is now over for the summer. This week has been finals week and fortunately I had almost no finals to take. All of my classes that didn’t have a final had some sort of paper to write, however. But, after I was done with those, it was all easy! On Monday Mike and I had to do our skit for Japanese class. So, we got that out of the way early. Everyone performed their skits and they were great!! Justin and Tom’s was by far the greatest – probably the best skit in the history of skits:

I converted the skit tapes to digital and made a fancy DVD of the production for Kakegawa Sensei and so I have videos of all the skits. Here are the top two – Justin / Tom and Julia / Michael. Enjoy! (sorry no subtitles, but I think you can understand basically what’s happening):

After the skits were over, Kayla, Larry and I went out for lunch and relaxed for the rest of the day. Then we flew kites in the parking lot.

Actually this week was a lot more boring than I thought it would be. I may not have had much for finals but it seems that everyone else did. So, I was bored a lot. There was another crazy thing that happened though. On Tuesday we went to Shanghai for some free food. After we were done eating, Chris had a brilliant idea. He said: “Hey Drew! I bet you five dollars you can’t eat a knock-out roll.” I promptly shook his hand without really thinking about the bet. Before I knew it, Larry and Mike were telling me horror stories of other people Chris had made this bet with. They had seen people fail too many times, they knew how this would turn out because it is always the same. For those of you who are not familiar with Shanghai Bistro’s famous Knock-Out Rolls, they are sushi with habanero peppers, chille sauce, tabasco sauce, some sort of other spicy sauce and a fistful of wasabi. I had never seen a knock out roll before and I figured that it was possible to eat an entire one. It is just food after all. People could have told me it was impossible to eat all 8 pieces as much as they pleased but I wouldn’t have believed them until I saw for myself.

As the roll was being made, the chef said that he could only eat 2 pieces before his face would freeze up and make it impossible to eat anything else. He also described an interesting situation in which a person made it through 4 pieces before having to go to the hospital. Wow. He described eating a piece like “eating hell” and Larry described it as “eating a desert on fire.” I was ready.

The sushi looked deceivingly colorful. The amount of wasabi in each roll is absurd. Even the smell was powerful enough to make my eyes water. Anyways, I tried one. With each passing bite, the pain grew worse and worse. Tears ran down my face, and it was incredibly hot. About when I thought there was no way for it to get worse, it did. My friends, looking quite concerned agreed it would be okay to spit out what was left and they would count that one as eaten. So, I did. Mike saw how crazy this was and said he would like to try one provided he had an ample supply of beverages. He gathered three glasses of water next to him and prepared to eat. He lasted about half as long as I did before expelling the rest on to his plate.

Showing mercy, Chris said that if I could eat one completely, the five dollars would still be mine. Me, not wanting at all to put another one of them in my mouth thought that I had already gone through all that and if I didn’t eat at least one, it would have been all for naught. So, I put another one in my mouth. I managed to eat it all, and victory was mine. Kind of. Nobody really won. I guess it was good entertainment.

The week was slow after that until Friday. Friday I got up and finished the Japanese skits DVDs and met up with Bryan for lunch. He practiced for his skit which he would be giving at 1 that day. After lunch, I went to his class to sit in on the skits. Shiho came too. Bryan’s skit won best skit and he won best actor in addition to that. Nice! After skitting, we went to Shanghai for some sushi to celebrate (no knock-out rolls this time. Too be honest, they really are not worth the money to even try it. The restaurant should pay you to eat them). When we got there, we saw a lot of JCS people who seemed to have the same idea as us. We sat next to them and talked and had sushi for a while.

Friday night was fun. Bryan and I took a stroll on Water Street, got rained on, and then went back to my dorm to watch some Mission Hill. After Bryan left, Phuong came over to say bye to me since I would be checking out the next day. She left around 2 and I went to bed. My dad said he would be coming to the dorm to help move out the next day around ten. So, I set my alarm for ten and went to sleep. I wake up at nine to hear him knocking on my door telling me to start packing stuff up.

We spent the day moving stuff out of the dorm and into the house. Now, I am very tired. But, I am back home now. Happy summer!

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